Maquette 2.3 released and how to unit-test your maquette components

Johan Gorter
Maquette news
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1 min readMar 18, 2016


We consider maquette to be mainly feature-complete, which means that this minor update only contains a few small additions.

What is new in Maquette 2.3

  1. We added more polyfills, so maquette now also supports IE7 and IE8. Browser support can be found here.
  2. Maquette now supports the innerHTML property on a VNode. This can be used to add pre-rendered html to the DOM.
  3. Functions that are registered on the VNodeProperties that are not event handlers (like afterCreate, updateAnimation) are no longer copied to the DOM nodes
  4. Maquette now provides a bind property that allows you to use event-handlers in prototypes
  5. Maquette can now create SVG elements with xlink:href attributes
  6. The projector can now detach a registered renderMaquetteFunction

Unit testing

We also released maquette-query, a utility that simplifies unit testing of maquette components.