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Johan Gorter
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2 min readJul 15, 2015


We recently gained some experience using Maquette with Typescript. We were very impressed by how well Typescript is supported by IDE’s and how well it integrates with NodeJS build tooling.

During the making of a Typescript definition file for Maquette we discovered how natural Typescript works with Maquette. We never had to use any or Object as a parameter or return value in the API. This is because, unlike other popular frontend frameworks, Maquette does not use untyped objects like state bags or contexts.

We have taken the screenshots below to demonstrate the level of autocompletion that Visual Studio Code (a free cross platform IDE) can provide when writing code using the maquette API. Other IDE’s, like IntelliJ and Visual Studio provide the same kind of autocompletion. The Typescript compiler can also be used from build scripts of course.

We created a small demonstration of a Maquette application written in entirely in Typescript. It is almost identical to the Javascript version, but now everything gets type-checked by the compiler. The only typecast we needed was one from to HTMLInputElement to read the value. We have put the code on GitHub for everyone to review and comment on.

Source code on GitHub

We hope you are just as impressed as we are.

Originally published at on July 15, 2015.