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Legal notice; Marblecoin is an in-game currency developed by Marblechain AB to be used in games on Marble.Cards or other sites developed by Marblechain AB. The goal with Marblecoin, the in-game currency, is to keep cost for actions in the game fairly stable to USD. Please read full legal statement at the end.

Marblecoin (MBC) is an ERC20 token.

Summary // TL;DR

Use Marblecoin (MBC) to get reduced price for creating cards, up to 30% compared to using ETH. The MBC price to create cards will be stable compared to USD. MBC will also be the only way to do certain things on Marble.Cards such as Remarble and Play in the Arena. It can also be used to pay for existing things such as Crop. MBC will be sold on Marble.Cards as an in-game currency. Owning it over time will generate MBC rewards.

What can I use Marblecoin for?

Marblecoin will be used to marble new cards and other things in the game. All actions are not yet released. Some actions will only be possible to buy with MBC. Here are some examples;

  • 10 MBC = Cost for creating one new card
  • 2000 MBC* = Buy an Origin card, limited supply
  • 6000 MBC* = Create your own Origin card, very limited supply since just a few card numbers are left
  • 99 999 MBC* = Buy Genesis Marble card #2
  • Remarble, get a new pattern for old cards*
  • Arena fees*

* = Can only be bought with MBC

Important; not all features described in this document are available right away. For instance, the ability to buy MBC or marble new cards with MBC is not expected to be available in the coming 6 months.

How can I get Marblecoin?

Marblecoin will be sold on Marble.Cards in bundles where you get a discount if you buy a larger amount. Example prices;

  • 10 MBC cost $1.5
  • 100 MBC cost $13.5
  • 1000 MBC cost $105

Marblecoin can also be received in competitions and for participating in events on Marble.Cards or in our Discord. Marble.Cards may in the future offer extra treasures to users that buy MBC packages on the site.

Rewards // Staking

Owners of MBC that keep MBC over a longer period will get rewarded. The reward will be in MBC and will be 10% of the MBC amount bought from Marble.Cards over that period. This is expected to be implemented during 2020 at the earliest, but holding period will start to get accounted for right away. When implemented, the wallets that hold amounts over 1000 MBC for more than 50% of the time from the MBC launch to the implementation will get proportional part of the rewards. This is the first period of rewards. For future periods, this might change and could involve locking up tokens or similar.

Token economics

100 000 000 Marblecoin minted.

The coins are controlled by the company behind Marble.Cards called Marblechain AB. Coins will be used for engagement/gameplay rewards, growth pool, funding of the project operations (salaries, costs etc), developer incentives (grants), airdrops, marketing and similar things.

If needed, to keep the network effective/incentivized a small inflation might be added of around 2% annually. If that decision is made, this will happen no earlier than in 2 years or when growth pool is empty.

Legal statement

MarbleCoin is an in-game currency, similar to any other in-game currency, its purpose to make it easier for users to buy and trade things in the game. Most in-game currencies are just records in a database that the owner of the game has control over and in theory can change the value. For Marble.Cards the in-game currency is based on Ethereum’s ERC20 Token Standard for the purpose of transparency and security. Even if Marblecoin technically is similar to non-in-game currencies meant to be traded and speculated, this does not apply to Marblecoin. Marblecoin is sold, not bought, as described above at a fixed price by Marblechain AB just like other in-game currencies.

If the above was not clear, Marblecoin is not meant for speculation and none of the above should be seen as investment advice.

Please note that all the above info is where we are at the moment. Marblechain AB, owner of Marble.Cards and the creator of MarbeCards, has the right to do any type of changes to and related to Marblecoin.


MarbleCards enables people to save digital memories as crypto collectibles. Give it a try at

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MarbleCards enables people to save digital memories as crypto collectibles. Give it a try at

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