Marble.Cards on Mainnet

Johan Unger

We are thrilled to announce that the mainnet launch of Marble.Cards will take place on January 19th, 16.00UTC.

What is a Marble card?

A Marble card is a digital card based on anything from the Internet. If it has a link (URL) it can be marbled into a card, but only once and by one collector. Each Marble card is unique and combines content from the web page with a generative art pattern into a unique digital item.

Collecting Marble cards is a way to express yourself by creating digital items that you care about. Collecting things is a very strong human behavior and has been that way forever. Marble is designed to be a platform that expands collectors’ possibilities by making all things on the Internet collectible.

Why is this valuable?

Game nerds like us believe in three basic values for collectibles. Marble cards will combine all of them nicely:


The best looking Marble cards are beautiful artworks and the lesser looking ones, not so much. This creates an overall balance, and a thrill every time your new card is about to be created. Will you hit one of those rare occasions where the web page image blends really well with the generative arts pattern?


Information on the Internet has never been scarce, but scarcity is essential to Marble. Since there can only ever be one unique card per URL, your options to collect things you care about become more limited than you might think. If you want a “pure” card, you need to make sure it’s from a popular and relevant site and that the link has few or no subsections or other unnecessary characters.

Utility is a platform where Internet links can be collected, traded and built upon by anyone in a way that can only be enabled by crypto. We have several applications and games in the pipeline based on these mechanics such as markets, signaling and similar.

How do I get one?

Go to and sign in using an Ethereum wallet such as Metamask, and you are good to go. The next step is to get a card. You can either buy an existing Marble card from the marketplace, or you can create one yourself!

What links can I marble?

Any unique web page can be marbled. However, during the launch period, available sites will be limited. New sites, or Collections as they are called, will be released every other day. The first site available will be KnowYourMeme. The launch period will last for a couple of months.

When you find a link you want to marble you paste it into the Create New Card field to see if it’s available. If so, you can choose to pay the creation cost (0.01ETH) to marble that link.

Now, the following part is a bit more complex. When a card is marbled, it enters a public Dutch action. Anyone can see that auction and buy the card before you. If someone else buys it, you are paid 30% of the sales price as a creator reward. If you buy your own card in the auction, you get the creator reward as a discount. If no-one buys it before the auction time runs out, you get it.

What will you marble?

Contact and support

We’re always happy to answer questions, get feedback, or share ideas. Don’t hesitate to reach out via Discord or Twitter.


MarbleCards enables people to save digital memories as crypto collectibles. Give it a try at

    Johan Unger

    Written by

    Co-Founder MarbleCards


    MarbleCards enables people to save digital memories as crypto collectibles. Give it a try at

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