Opera Partners With Marble.Cards

Johan Unger
Jun 26, 2019 · 2 min read

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between Opera and Marble.Cards! Opera’s latest mobile web browser has a built-in crypto wallet and Marble.Cards will be the promoted dapp for people to discover.

It also means that people who experience the web through the Opera iOS browser can now easily use Marble.Cards directly from the share menu to capture and collect internet content that they care about.

Marbling cards straight from the iOS share menu

We’re big fans of Opera and their pioneering work for internet browsing. The’ve been around for two decades and are more innovative than ever. We’re very happy for the opportunity to work with them!

What is Marble.Cards?

Marble.Cards turns web pages into digital collectible cards. Almost any URL on the internet can be turned into a card, but only once. More specifically, these collectibles are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. While the internet is something that can be copied without any limitations, Marble.Cards use Ethereum to make sure that each card is unique and every web page can only be “marbled” once. This introduces scarcity and compatibility of what people can do with their cards after they are created.

A few of the around 30 000 Marble cards created so far

A Marble card is a beautiful digital object that combine characteristics of the marbled web page with a generative arts pattern that is unique to every card. The aesthetics that emerge when web content meets the algorithmic pattern is something the Marble community values highly.

In addition, Marble.Cards is also a game platform. Players can use their cards in battles, for example to find out which is the most popular meme. These gaming mechanics are currently under construction. When launched, we believe that the Marble.Cards Arena will be a fun and accessible way for newcomers to get introduced to and start earning their first crypto.

Card battles in the Arena which is launching later this year

We’re especially impressed with Opera’s work around crypto on-boarding, and we’re proud to now be a part of that work. With this partnership, we hope that more people will fall in love with crypto in general and collecting the internet in particular!

Crypto in less than 60 seconds

Below is a video that shows the great experience of buying your first crypto with Opera. This is currently available in Scandinavia and more regions are coming. Much value!

Stay up to date on Marble.Cards

Johan Unger

Written by

Co-Founder MarbleCards


Marble.Cards enables people to save digital memories as crypto collectibles. Give it a try at http://beta.marble.cards/

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