The Marble.Cards Crypto Artist Series

Johan Unger
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3 min readJan 17, 2020


The first five cards of the Crypto Artist Series

Being part of the NFT space has been mind-blowing these past months! True ownership of wonderful digital art, items and other things is awesome. Adding digital spaces that are yours and can be used for display has in turn rocketed the market forward. The interoperability between both assets and people makes this space a powerful force, and everybody in it should be proud.

MarblePlex — open to anyone owning a Marble card to build on

At Marble.Cards we are building the card game of the Internet. When you “marble”, you turn a web page into a unique digital card. It’s like finding a story that means something to you and cutting it from a newspaper to frame it. Once a web page is marbled, it can never be marbled again. A Marble card can be admired as a collectible, as well as used to battle in one of the Arenas for rewards.

We believe a big reason why players have created almost 50 000 Marble cards this past year is that they look great, if you are lucky. The best cards both tell a story and are truly stunning, as can be seen in the #NiceCards Arena.

Today, we want to expand on that and announce a different but very exciting series of amazing cryptoart Marble cards, each framing a part of the Internet.

Introducing The Marble.Cards Crypto Artist Series

One artist, one card. Today we are introducing the first five:
  • Connie Digital: At the forefront of cryptoart technology. To see where the space is heading, look no further than what’s going on in the world of
    Marbled URL:
  • XCOPY: One of the most recognizable art styles in all the crypto sphere. The demand for it seems never ending, with edition after edition selling out almost instantly.
    Marbled URL:

The bidding auctions start on OpenSea Sunday the 19th. All profits go to the artists.

Good luck!