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Introducing Marble

A Smart Contract Bank

Max Wolff
Max Wolff
Jul 16, 2018 · 2 min read

Today we’re excited to announce Marble, an open-source bank on the Ethereum blockchain. The Marble smart contract owns Ether and tokens and makes its funds available to provably fair, low-risk protocols that require a lender.

The first of these integrations, a concept we’re calling flash lending, is deployed to the Ethereum mainnet in public beta.

Flash Lending

For example, it’s possible to use flash lending to make arbitrage trades on decentralized exchanges. There are now several DEXs on Ethereum such as 0x, Bancor, and Kyber, which often have small price differences. With flash lending, a trader can borrow from the Marble bank, buy a token on one DEX, sell the token on another DEX for a higher price, repay the bank, and pocket the arbitrage profit all in a single atomic transaction.


Get Started

Looking Ahead

Join Us

  • We’re hiring talented engineers in San Francisco.
  • Get started using flash lending on Github.
  • Reach out via, or Twitter (DMs open)

Secured lending on Ethereum

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