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[ANN]3rd LP Rewards Program

We’ve seen more user inflows and more liquidity to the KLAYswap pools since the 2nd LP Rewards Program started. It has brought great benefit to you and MARBLEX. You have gotten rewarded in $MBX by providing the liquidity and thanks to the enough liquidity, you have not worried about lack of liquidity in trading $MBX. While at the same time, MARBLEX has seen many participants join the MARBLEX ecosystem with great interest. This round looks successful at least until now as did the first one as the 4 pools provided have been kept stable and trading has been brisk.

However, unfortunately, the end of the 2nd LP Rewards Program is just around the corner. It’s this Friday, May 6th. In order for the 4 pools provided to be operated in a stable manner, we’ve decided to do the 3rd LP Rewards Program. The period of this round and the targeted pairs will be the same as the 2nd round. But rewards to be distributed in the round will be the total of 120,000 MBX, which is scheduled to be linearly distributed to the liquidity providers for 4 weeks in a row.

We believe that this rewards program would strongly encourage liquidity participants to provide the necessary liquidity for potential MBX traders, which leads to growing and fostering a healthy ecosystem in the end. Please check the following for this upcoming rewards program to participate in.

LP Rewards to be Distributed

Distribution Period: 4 Weeks / 2022–05–06 ~ 2022–06–03
LP Rewards: 30,000 MBX each (120,000 MBX in total / Linear Distribution)

Please note that:
- congestion of the blockchain network or other unexpected situations may cause the delay of LP Rewards deployment. If such events happen, we will notify you.

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