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[GAME] A3: Still Alive Introduction part 1 — Story & Characters


A3: Still Alive is one of the games that are part of the MBX ecosystem. Today’s content is an explanation of the story and characters of A3: Still Alive.

# Story

The sacrifice of the Prophetess Radienne transports her apostles to the past.

Fight in the Battle Royale on a battlefield shaped by the dark god’s machinations, and be the sole survivor to receive the Hayrens’ power!

Which final victor will bring the end to this dark competition?

Scholar: Serphi

The youngest member of the Bantarim library, with a genius-level intellect, the Scholar, Serphi.

She discovered a sealed tome left behind by the legendary Della Kun and nearly fell victim to his evil spirit but was saved by Radienne’s timely intervention!

Later, she decided to use the beasts summoned from the time for good.

She might be little, but she’s fierce!

An abandoned world on the brink of ruin. Radienne’s desperate sacrifice buys one last chance. Your journey to defeat the darkness and restore the goddess begins now!

# Characters

1. Berserker “Garion”

A vengeance-fueled berserker who dreams of nothing but avenging his dead daughter.

With their axes and high ATK stats, berserkers are specialized for close-quarters combat.

2. Archer “Tierra”

The adopted daughter of the leader of a band of righteous bandits who steal from the rich to give to the poor.

She dreams of avenging her father and her companions who were killed by the darkness.

The archer wields a bow that allows her to engage in speedy long-ranged combat.

3. Templar “Teon”

A templar who lost his memories and standing.

He joins the quest to search for his memories and to bring back the goddess he once protected. The templar is a sturdy tank that wields a hammer and shield.

4. Wizard “Lia”

A genius spiritualist who fell for the temptation of forbidden magic.

She joins the quest after Radienne saves her life.

The wizard is well-versed in long-ranged combat using her magical ring.

5. Assassin “Nemes”

An assassin-for-hire who was disowned by his family after being falsely accused of a crime.

He joins the quest to protect his family and fulfill his purpose.

He weakens the enemy in a number of ways and attacks them with great agility.

6. Scholar “Serphi”

The Scholar unlocks knowledge with her blazing intellect.

As a capable fighter in both melee and ranged combat with 4 types of summons, the Scholar specializes in using multiple combat methods based on which skill she uses.

The second part of our A3: Still Alive Introduction will be available soon.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you.

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