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[AMA] The Wrap-Up for MARBLEX AMA on Jan, 20


MARBLEX’s first AMA session in 2023 has been successfully finished.

Thank all of you for joining the MBX AMA session with us.

As it is the first AMA of the new year, we had time to look back on the 2022 of MBX and MARBLEX and talk about the direction of 2023 in this AMA session. Also, this time, we have introduced MBX 3.0.

If you participated in the AMA, please review again, or even if you have not participated, please bring the important news.

[Topic 1] What MARBLEX has done in 2022 and what has MBX achieved.

300 days have passed since the launch of the MARBLEX project in March, and many users have participated in our ecosystem.

The number of MARBLEX wallet users reached 1.2 million in 300 days!

Also, we could see a coexistence between crypto users and regular gamers in a ratio of 1:3.

Creating the right supply and demand cycle for tokens. Together with all users, we are creating a healthy game ecosystem!

Blockchain was introduced in A3: STILL ALIVE and the number of users increased by about 6.2 times!! And Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has achieved high rankings all over the world. It reached №1 in the Philippines, №2 in Thailand, and №9 in the United States.

About 18,360,000 PVP Match Played so far on KOFA launched last October. Fighters are enjoying this game all over the world with relish.

The three games recorded a whopping 22,520,000 total downloads.

More exciting games will be released this year, 2023!

[Topic 2] The direction of MBX in 2023

Now, let’s talk about the direction MARBLEX will go in 2023!

On January 12, we held MBX DAY in Seoul. On that day, the MBX team and MARBLERS had a time to get together and talk about the future direction.

Blockchain industry workers were able to share their experiences and visions with others, and it was a time for students to answer their usual questions about blockchain games and the industry.

To summarize the important details, firstly, we announced a plan to continuously increase accessibility.

Blockchain-based Web 3.0 has high entry barriers. To lower this, MBX introduced the usability of Web 2.0, which is now common.

The MBX team said that they are developing various services so that gamers who are users of the existing web 2.0 platform can easily use MARBLEX, a web 3.0 platform, and will continue to apply them.

If this was the main task of MBX 2.0, the next step is…!

It’s MBX 3.0 where multi-chain is applied!

If MBX2.0 was MBX PLAYGROUND, MBX3.0 is to create MBX UNIVERSE that multiple mainnet users can easily access through multi-chain bridge technology.

The multichain that will be introduced in MBX 3.0 is a project named ‘MBX WARP’. Let’s take a moment to look at some important features.

The main features of the MBX WARP project are faster speed than other bridges, high security, and easy and intuitive usability.

Where will the first multi-chain target be? Aren’t you curious?

A few days ago, MARBLEX signed an MOU with Binance for a technology strategy partnership.

We are so happy to be able to share with Binance the beginning of MBX3.0 and the expansion of the MARBLEX ecosystem!

We expect that Binance’s technical capabilities and infrastructure will play a key role in building MBX 3.0, the next step in the MBX ecosystem,

Through this partnership, we will further advance the game-based blockchain ecosystem that combines fun, convenience, and profitability.

MBX 3.0 intends to provide services from the user’s point of view, not the provider’s point of view.

This will be applied not only to multichain, but also to games. GAME-FI that is familiar and easy to enjoy even for ordinary gamers! That’s our next game.

We will be able to talk about MBX 3.0 soon.

The last session of MBX DAY was a panel discussion with blockchain officials.

We received many questions from MARBLES and answered them on the spot. I will share the most important questions among them.

“What are the biggest goals and challenges in introducing blockchain to the gaming industry?” One of users asked.

MARBLEX’s Business Division Director replied:

I think improving awareness is a concept that comes after all, rather than trying to make it. The important thing is when it comes.

In the past, users only paid monthly payments to play games. There was an idea of who would pay again in the game.

Even when mobile games first came out, it was considered a platform for enjoying simple puzzles. Mobile games have become mainstream now.

I think Gamefi is similar to these. The trend of the Gamefi industry is also bound to come eventually.

Users can enjoy the game more fun with the fun of owning items. If a game company finds a case of incorporating it well without compromising sales, the Gamefi era can come at a faster pace than expected. And the game industry will grow one step further. It seems overkill now. I think that era will come before the end of this year.

It is necessary to prepare in advance before user perception changes. ‘Meta World: My City’ will be the first project to popularize Gamefi.

We are also going through trial and error, but we are making various preparations for popularization. If we prepare solidly, I think the first beneficiary game will be ‘Meta World: My City’.

As the director mentioned, the task of popularization remains. MARBLEX plans to approach users more easily and more familiarly based on “popularization” this year.

Let’s move on to the next topic naturally! It’s about Meta World: My City!

[Topic 3] Talking about the new game of MBX ecosystem <Meta World: My City>

The official community for Meta World: My City opened this week.

<Meta World: My City> is a real estate metaverse game based on Let’s Get Rich’s IP.

<Meta World: My City> inherits the gameplay of the previous game Let’s Get Rich and takes the form of an online battle board game.

However, it will show a more advanced look with a much more strategic and simpler game than the previous one, so please look forward to it!

In addition, Meta World: My City has a special content called ‘Meta World’, which was not seen in the previous game.

It is the differentiated metaverse world that implements real cities based on cadastral maps.

In this game, various activities are possible, such as buying and merging land on the actual map to expand your area and building your own buildings on it.

It is also possible to own a house that looks similar to the one I live in. Even at the same address as our real home. You can own a place of memories with your family, lover, and friends, and build a building that you name yourself.

Starting with the beautiful city of Manhattan in the United States, a world with the same geographic elements as Thailand and Korea will be provided. Also, landmarks representing the province, such as the Statue of Liberty, Wat Arun, and the Eiffel Tower, will be built!

We plan to provide metaverse contents that are different from other services, so please look forward to it.

There is also an official video, so be sure to check it out!

Meta World: My City is based on the IP of Netmarble’s hit Let’s Get Rich.

Let’s Get Rich is a game that was first launched in Korea in 2013 and has been launched all over the world, including Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, and China, and received great love. Especially in Thailand, it was so popular that it was called the national game. It’s been a few years since launching, but it’s still loved!

When it was launched in each country, it achieved a lot of achievements, such as reaching number 1 in the market sales rankings several times, and recently achieved number 1 in the Thailand App Store sales rankings Over the past 10 years, 200 million users have played Let’s Get Rich, and it is a global mega-hit game enough to generate over $700 million in total revenue.

What a combination of such an amazing IP-based metaverse and board game! Aren’t you looking forward to it? I think you will like the fourth game of MARBLEX.

Lastly, to commemorate the current community opening, a special airdrop event is also underway.

Total $30,000 worth of MBX rewards are prepared You can get rewards by completing all simple social channel related missions!

The event is in full swing right now, so don’t miss it!

News related to Meta World: My City can be found in both the Meta World: My City official community and the MARBLEX community.

Pre-registration and grand launch news that you are most looking forward to will all be announced on the official community, so stay tuned!




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[Topic 4] The brand new service <MARBLERSHIP>

It’s the first time I’m talking to MARBLERS about the service.

Let me introduce MARBLEX’s new NFT service “MARBLERSHIP”!

MARBLERS, key members of the ecosystem, can enjoy greater benefits as the ecosystem expands through a membership called MARBLERSHIP.

Let’s find out about MARBLERSHIP, a special membership that only exists in the MARBLEX Universe!

The biggest feature of MARBLERSHIP is that you can mine MBX tokens by staking! Mining all included tokens will allow you to level up your MARBLERSHIP to get more MBX tokens.

In addition, MARBLERSHIP holders can access information faster than regular users by joining a dedicated Discord channel, and are given the benefit of solving inconveniences more quickly through dedicated customer support. You can also get special coupons from MARBLEX games.

A detailed announcement about MARBLERSHIP will be announced on our official channel after today’s AMA.

To talk a little more, this MARBLERSHIP will be distributed through INO in an unprecedented way.

MARBLERSHIP consists of a total of 8 colors.

Each card will be distributed in various ways such as INO, marketing event, and ecosystem participation rewards.

In particular, in the case of ecosystem participation rewards, the opportunity will be given to users who actively participated in the Game Token/MBXL staking service, swap service, and marketplace service.

An example of ecosystem participation reward is to provide MARBLERSHIP by lottery to users who have deposited PAIR over a certain amount in the MBX swap service. Please check the notice later for details.

Please do not forget that MARBLERSHIP can be paid as a reward for users who have actively participated in the ecosystem as a fair price.

So the AMA Wrap-up this time is until here. In the new 2023, we will continue working with you for the MARBLEX ecosystem.

Thank you.
MBX Team.

Get to know MARBLEX

MARBLEX (MBX) is a game-based blockchain service company that aims to bring the highest quality blockchain games to market than any other company by producing AAA titles. A well-established company with over 6,000 collaborative employees, including game industry veterans and blockchain technology experts from across the globe. By providing services such as a cryptocurrency wallet, decentralized exchange, token staking, and NFT Marketplace, MARBLEX (MBX) allows users to experience an optimal blockchain-based game ecosystem.

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[Blockchain game service] Welcome to the marvelous world, MARBLEX. Various games and corresponding Blockchain services will maximize a fun of the MBX ecosystem.

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[Blockchain game service] Welcome to the marvelous world, MARBLEX. Various games and corresponding Blockchain services will maximize a fun of the MBX ecosystem.