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[ANN] MBX NEWS : The Second Step of MARBLEX


Many people have been curious about the next move of MARBLEX. Many services have been launched and are on a stable track since the launch of the MARBLEX ecosystem. After the release of A3:Still Alive and Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, all indicators displayed extremely stable graphs. The wallet, explorer, and staking services were released sequentially in order to activate the token ecosystem. The MARBLEX ecosystem has just taken the first step.

Today, we will reveal our second step to revitalize the ecosystem.

# TOPIC 1 [ September MBX Buyer ]

The ‘MBX Buyer’ project of MARBLEX’s token return policy will be held back in October! ‘MBX Buyer’ is a Return Policy project that can deliver fair and reasonable contribution rewards to users who have activated the ecosystem. As promised in the previous MBX Buyer, the buyer project will be carried out following routine user guidance.

🎁 Token Return Project : MBX Buyer 🎁

■ Buying Period

- Until 10/24 23:59 (UTC+9)

■ Buying MBX tokens

- To be announced after the purchase is complete

■ Usage plan of Buying MBX

1) The MBX tokens will be distributed in the market to provide liquidity to revitalize the market.

2) The MBX tokens will be used as a ‘Reward Fund’ for Game Token Staking Season 2, which is scheduled to start in Q4 2022. The MBX tokens allocated as a resource for staking game tokens are used only for users who participate in staking. Detailed information on Game Token Staking Season 2 will be announced in mid-October.

※ Circumstances may necessitate alterations to specifics such as the purchase time. We will notify you in advance of any changes.

# TOPIC 2 [Staking Season 2 Confirmation]

Two weeks after the launch of the game token staking service, significant indications are beginning to emerge. Ten days after the beginning of the first season, approximately $360,000 in tokens were staked. As more and more users joined the staking service, the tokens’ value grew rapidly and liquidity was stabilized. In addition, the ecosystem’s safety and security are gradually improving. It can be confirmed that the matching reward fund established by the Token Return Policy increases the allure of staking and has established itself as a mechanism that contributes to ecosystem activation.

To repay the investment and interest of the MARBLERS, we would like to initiate the second staking season. Regular staking will make the MARBLEX ecosystem even more secure and dynamic. We will organize a second staking season that will be satisfactory to all participants. The beginning date and specifics of the second staking season will be announced prior to the conclusion of the first season.

# TOPIC 3 [ Third MBX GAMES ]

MARBLEX is a game-based blockchain service company. The expansion of the ecosystem starts with video games. According to our road map, MARBLEX is currently developing a variety of high-quality games in a variety of genres. Today, I’d like to inform you that the launch of our third game is imminent.

The third MARBLEX game will be revealed on September 15 at the Tokyo Game Show. Our third game will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show. MARBLEX’s token economy can be experienced. Please look forward to it.

MARBLEX is in constant motion. The second half of 2022 will be a particularly significant period for MARBLEX. The next step for MARBLEX, such as the launch of a new blockchain service and the introduction of a new game, will be for “revitalization” and “expansion” of the ecosystem.


Get to know MARBLEX

MARBLEX (MBX) is a game-based blockchain service company that aims to bring the highest quality blockchain games to market than any other company by producing AAA titles. A well-established company with over 6,000 collaborative employees, including game industry veterans and blockchain technology experts from across the globe. By providing services such as a cryptocurrency wallet, decentralized exchange, token staking, and NFT Marketplace, MARBLEX (MBX) allows users to experience an optimal blockchain-based game ecosystem.

Live games under MARBLEX Service


<Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds>

Upcoming games under MARBLEX Service

<Monster Arena>

<King of Fighters Arena>

<Let’s Get Rich: Meta World>

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