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[ANN] MBX2.0 Launch: MBX Distribution Guide


In early November, the opening of MARBLEX 2.0 for the expansion and activation of the ecosystem is approaching. In addition, MBX distribution for ecosystem expansion was carried out as in the “MBX TOKEN DISTRIBUTION SCHEDULE BY 2026” announced in August. The token circulation structure in the ecosystem has been enhanced through the second season of Game Token STAKING, the launch of a new NFT service, and global marketing activities.

MARBLEX has emphasized sustainability through ‘user return.’ We are reborn as a healthier ecosystem by tokens burnt quarterly and conducting ‘MBX BUYER.’ In terms of service, the MBX and Game Token staking services implemented attractive participation rewards. The NFT Marketplace service introduced a stronger burn model, such as 100% burn of fees. Token distribution is planned so that it can activate the expanded ecosystem.

Today, with MBX2.0, we would like to inform you about the expansion in each area and the distribution of tokens!

1. Change to the AMM method
SWAP service supports transactions in the AMM method when exchanging MBX ↔ Game Tokens. The SWAP service, scheduled to open on November 9th, has a structure that pays commission compensation to the providers who supply liquidity to MBX and the game token swap pool. Additional incentive rewards are provided to users who have contributed to forming a healthy MARBLEX ecosystem through liquidity supply. MARBLEX sets and pays AMM rewards according to the plan in a legitimate name within the Community Fund. By resolving the difficulties of trading caused by the low liquidity of existing order book trading, we expect many Marblers to enjoy trading without a burden in a wide liquidity pool.

2. NFT service launch
MBX Launchpad and Marketplace will open sequentially. On October 27th, the NFT INO site “PLAYONE FOR MBX” was launched, and the MarketPlace is scheduled to open on November 9th. Each NFT service that enables NFT pre-sale and NFT transaction are implemented and specialized for “Games”. All NFT transactions are based on MBX tokens. As the ecosystem is activated, token fees are generated. MARBLEX plans to burn 100% of these fee tokens to strengthen the ecosystem’s stability again!

3. Open additional staking services
Through this MBX 2.0, we will launch various DeFi services in earnest. In addition to staking game tokens, we are preparing various staking services such as MBXL and partner staking. We will continue to provide rewards to increase the utilization of MBX tokens and enhance participants’ motivation. As rewards are provided in the name of activating its wallet, swap, and staking services, the MARBLEX ecosystem will also work nonstop.

4. Token Burn
So far, MARBLEX has been burning 50% of the fees generated by the trading platform and 100% of the game token fees. As mentioned earlier, a stronger incineration policy is expected to begin with additional newly launched NFT services. By burning 100% of transaction fees, we want to contribute continuously to forming a healthy token ecosystem. Fee burning is being notified separately through periodic disclosure.

All token lockups are being released as planned to expand and activate the MARBLEX ecosystem. As a result, we are confident that it will ultimately lead to the growth and maintenance of a healthy ecosystem. Marblers can check the detailed distribution volume for each area and the distribution plan until 2026 through the link below.

[Xangle Distribution Disclosure Link]

[Link to MBX token distribution schedule by 2026]

Thank you.
MBX Team

Get to know MARBLEX

MARBLEX (MBX) is a game-based blockchain service company that aims to bring the highest quality blockchain games to market than any other company by producing AAA titles. A well-established company with over 6,000 collaborative employees, including game industry veterans and blockchain technology experts from across the globe. By providing services such as a cryptocurrency wallet, decentralized exchange, token staking, and NFT Marketplace, MARBLEX (MBX) allows users to experience an optimal blockchain-based game ecosystem.

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[Blockchain game service] Welcome to the marvelous world, MARBLEX. Various games and corresponding Blockchain services will maximize a fun of the MBX ecosystem.

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[Blockchain game service] Welcome to the marvelous world, MARBLEX. Various games and corresponding Blockchain services will maximize a fun of the MBX ecosystem.