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[GAME] The King of Fighters Arena Update News!



Today, we would like to review the KOF ARENA services provided for the past 2 months, and walk you through some of the details of the first major update that will be deployed for 2023.

Current Service Status
It has already been 2 months since the KOF ARENA launch (released last November).

Many of our Challengers embarked upon the KOF ARENA journey with us and are enjoying epic battles, however, at the same time, a considerable number of players haven’t yet partaken in the KOF ARENA blockchain tokenomy opportunities that are available.

Issues Facing KOF ARENA
KOF ARENA benchmarked GameFi models that have proven successful in the market at large, and as a result, we have established our own unique tokenomy.

As you’re probably aware, KOF ARENA is not the type of Crypto game where you simply allow the system to work on its own in the background and wait for tokens to be mined. In other words, the core aspect of players having to spend time to play and mine, while investing a portion of funds in the early phase, can act as a constraint against more players joining our tokenomy.

However, we believe that because we provide players who spend more time playing the game with more incentives, the concept of players having to actually play the game to join the tokenomy will not constitute such a large issue.

We perceive that the largest challenge that KOF ARENA is confronting consists of the unexpected winter that has arrived in the overall blockchain market. Therefore, the imperative is for us to develop and build KOF ARENA’s own unique strategies for sustainable tokenomy.

Interpretation of the Current Situation
As we previously remarked, a majority of KOF ARENA players are enjoying their gameplay for the pure entertainment that comes from playing battles. We interpret this situation as KOF ARENA’s potential tokenomy participants simply enjoying playing the game.

Following 2/14, no more Genesis Controllers will be offered in the game through Controller Box sales. From then on, players will be required to obtain Controllers through Marketplace to participate in the KOF ARENA tokenomy. We expect that this strategy will also bring a positive effect to players who are already part of the KOF ARENA tokenomy in terms of generating a larger amount of profit.

Action for the Current Situation
We’re planning to implement a major update in the near future. With the upcoming update, we will try to offer a new-player-friendly gaming environment, which supports new players as they settle into the game more easily, while, at the same time, allowing players to join our tokenomy without any financial pressure.

1. Solution for New Challengers
We believe that creating a gaming environment that allows new players to ease into the game is the first step in establishing a larger tokenomy.

[AI System]
AI opponents will appear in Arcade Mode and in real-time battles.

AI incorporates a system mechanism that varies based on the new players’ skills and assists them with learning and understanding how the battle system works.

[Growth Support]
Growth support will be primarily focused on popular Fighters for play amongst new players when they just started playing, including Kyo, Iori, and Mai. We expect that this type of growth support, focused on the most popular Fighters, will be helpful to new players when they try to settle into the game.

2. Scholarship System
Scholarship System is a function that connects owners of Controllers (Sponsor) with Challengers without a Controller (Recipient). Going forward, KOF ARENA players will be able to experience the crypto battles without cost pressure.

It will provide you with opportunities to learn the KOF ARENA tokenomy structure more quickly while experiencing crypto battles for free.

By providing an enhanced tokenomy environment, the range of tokenomy participants will expand and bring a more synergetic effect to NFT owners and Non NFT owners since they will more frequently interact with each other.

The new system we’ll be rolling out operates as follows.

- Controller owners can list some of the Controllers they own for the Scholarship System. In the event that the listed Controller is lent to another Challenger and the borrower uses it to win a battle, the lender can earn a portion of the reward received from winning the battle as a lending fee.

- Challengers who do not own a Controller can borrow a Controller listed for the Scholarship System to obtain FM rewards

This overall system will operate within the game, contributing to the alleviation of the existing tokenomy constraints.

In addition, we’ve covered various content that will be released with the 1st major update for this year. We look forward to your interest and participation. [Check the Dev Note #3]

We will continue to provide support for our tokenomy participants as well as prepare updates to establish a larger tokenomy in 2023 as well.

Thank you
MBX Team

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[Blockchain game service] Welcome to the marvelous world, MARBLEX. Various games and corresponding Blockchain services will maximize a fun of the MBX ecosystem.