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[GUIDES] MBX Wallet User Guide Part 2 — How to exchange Game Token to MBXL

※ This guide was updated on November 11th.


After the MARBLEX wallet update on November 9, the game tokens transaction method has been changed to the AMM method. According to the wallet update, the NEW MBX Wallet Guide Part 2 was prepared.

Today’s topic is “How to exchange Game Tokens to MBXL.”

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#1. What is MBXL?

MBXL (MARBLEX Link) is the bridge token of the MARBLEX ecosystem!

MBXL is a token that connects game tokens and MBX.

MBXL exists only within a private chain ecosystem while MBX token is a public token that has a market value in the public chain. Users can exchange game tokens through MBXL tokens and MBX tokens. Users can do external transfers as well.

#2. How to exchange Game Token to MBXL

Take a look at the guides and images below and follow along!

1. Press the game token you want to exchange on the home screen.

2. When the game token exchange screen appears, press [From].

3. Select a game token to exchange for MBXL.

(Game Tokens → MBXL)

※ If you want to exchange from MBXL to game tokens, press ‘MARBLEX Link’.

(MBXL → Game Tokens )

4. Enter the amount of the game token you wish to exchange.

5. After checking the fee and amount of MBXL, press the [Exchange] button.

6. After checking the amount of the game token and MBXL, press [Yes, exchange] if you want to exchange.

7. Enter the Trading Password and press the [Confirm] button.

※ Since we do not store the user’s trading password, it cannot be restored if it is lost. Please be mindful of password management.

8. Once you succeed in the exchange, you can see the screen like above.

Today, we looked at the 2nd part of the MBX Wallet user guide, “How to exchange Game Tokens to MBXL.” How useful was it for you?

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Stay tuned for more useful content!
MBX Team.

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