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[GUIDES] MBX Wallet User Guide Part 3 — How to buy KLAY on CEX and send it to MBX Wallet

Dear Marblers,

Today, we are going to learn how to purchase KLAY on a Crypto exchange (CEX) and then transfer it to MBX Wallet via MetaMask.

Shall we start?

# How to buy KLAY on CEX and send it to MBX Wallet

  1. The exchange I’ll use today is the MEXC exchange. First, search for KLAY on the main screen. And click [Buy].
  2. After entering the desired quantity and purchase price, click [Buy].
  3. 3. Enter the password to complete the purchase.

Each exchange has a slightly different purchase method!

In general, trading requires authentication, so please refer to the CEX website you are using for more information on trading methods!

4. If you go to the Wallet menu, you can see how many tokens you have. Let’s select ‘KLAY’.

5. This time, we will send KLAY to MetaMask. Let’s select [Withdraw].

6. Please double-check the Amount, Address, and Network of the MetaMask to which you want to send KLAY. There is a small fee charged here.

7. After you’ve confirmed the address where you’ll receive the tokens, the amount, and the fee, click [confirm withdrawal].

8. You will go through password and identity verification.

9. You can check the code only when the ‘Google authenticator’ app is installed.

10. Please be patient while the transaction is being completed. Tokens are being transmitted. Due to network issues, there may be a slight delay.

11. Open MetaMask.

12. You can see that KLAY arrived in the MetaMask wallet where I sent the tokens. Let’s select ‘KLAY’.

13. To send the KLAY to MBX Wallet, click [Send].

14. Enter the MBX Wallet address in the ‘To’ field.

15. Enter the amount of KLAY you want to send. I’ll start by using 1 KLAY.

16. Now, this is important! Click on ‘Estimated gas fee’.

17. Click ‘Advanced options’.

18. Change the max priority fee and max fee to “250gwei,” which is the gas fee policy of Klaytn mainnet. Then click [Save].

19. You can check the total amount of KLAY used based on the new gas fee. Click [Send].

20. Now let’s go to the MBX Wallet. You can see that 1 KLAY has been added to the wallet normally. KLAY can be swapped directly to MBX. Please select ‘KLAY’

21. As was explained in the last wallet guide, you can swap KLAY for MBX.

22. You can easily exchange KLAY for MBX in the MBX wallet.

Today, we looked at the 3rd part of the MBX Wallet user guide, “How to buy KLAY on CEX and send it to MBX Wallet.” How was it?

We’ll see you next time with the part 4 of the MBX Wallet User Guide.

Thank You!

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