[GUIDES] MBX Wallet User Guide Part 4 — How to sign up for MARBLEX Wallet

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3 min readJun 8, 2022


Dear Marblers,

Today is the 4th part of the MBX Wallet User Guide. Today’s topic is how to sign up for the MARBLEX wallet and create a password.

Shall we start? 😉

# How to sign up for MARBLEX Wallet

1. Open the MBX Wallet app.

2. Click [Use MARBLEX Wallet].

3. Enter your date of birth and click [CONFIRM].

4. After confirming your date of birth, click [Confirm].

5. Check ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’.

6. Select an account to be linked to MBX wallet.

7. Enter the Trading Passwords to be used. Passwords must consist of 8–20 characters and include an uppercase letter, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

8. Please do not lose your password! If the password is lost, it cannot be recovered. MBX does not separately store the user’s password. Password is used for every token transaction.

After entering the password, click [Set Nickname].

9. Please set your ‘Nickname’. And click the button at the bottom.

10. When MBX wallet registration is completed, Nickname and Wallet Address is displayed. After checking the Nickname and Address, click [Use MARBLEX Wallet] at the bottom.

11. Congratulations!🎉 MBX Wallet has been created.

The wallet that has been created can be linked to MARBLEX games. Bear in mind that it is difficult to unlink a game once it has been linked to a wallet. So, please be cautious!

Today, we looked at the 4th part of the MBX Wallet user guide, “How to sign up for MARBLEX Wallet”. How was it?

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Thank You!

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