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[ANN]MBX x Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Wrap-Up (Session 2)


The second session of MBX x Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds AMA was held. It was a great time because so many MARBLERS were present🔥.

Today, we prepared a wrap-up for the second session of MBX x Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds AMA. Enjoy the wrap-up with these images!

We also have a quiz event that runs until July 17th. As a reward, we have prepared a total of 100MBX, and five lucky winners will also receive a 4-star (4★) equipment selection chest🏆.

☝Hint: If you look closely at the wrap-up image, it will help you solve the quiz!

- Discord Link :
- Quiz Link :

We’ll be back with more useful information and events.
Stay tuned!😉

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MARBLEX (MBX) is a blockchain-based game service company that aims to bring the highest quality blockchain games to market than any other company by producing AAA titles. A well-established company with over 6,000 collaborative employees, including game industry veterans and blockchain technology experts from across the globe. By providing services such as a cryptocurrency wallet, decentralized exchange, token staking, and NFT Marketplace, MARBLEX (MBX) allows users to experience an optimal blockchain-based game ecosystem.

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<Let’s Get Rich: Meta World>

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