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[GAME] Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Introduction part 3 — Token Economy


Today’s article is about the third part of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds’s introduction. As always, we appreciate your interest in our articles. Let’s get started with today’s content, the token economy in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Territe Token (NKT) & Asterite Token (NKA) Characteristics💬

# Goals

1. Our goal is to emphasize the game’s intrinsic fun factor and create a token economy structure that benefits both players and token holders.

The essential goal of the game’s use of tokens is to avoid speculative pre-sales and NFT pre-releases and to ensure fun and sustainable profitability via a high-quality game and proven well-designed token economy.

2. Ni no Kuni’s global token economy consists of two token systems each reflecting a currency within the setting of Ni no Kuni and forming a free market economy.

3. One billion each of NKT and NKA tokens will be issued. Differentiated value will be established by clearly distinguishing their sources, scope of payment, and [Exchange Sector].

# Acquisition Is Proportional to Character Value

We will never betray players who enjoy the game.

Territe Tokens (NKT) are designed for users who actively engage with the game. Users who grow their characters and do other activities will have greater chances to earn than users who are simply mining.

Asterite Tokens (NKA) are designed for users who actively engage with competitive content in the game. Users who have high ranks in competitive content will have greater chances to earn.

# Stable Return Generation

Users can generate a return with NKT gained from Territe mining right from the game’s launch. However, NKT may lose some of its starting value as more users play.

Players who have strengthened their characters through consistent play will be able to earn Asterite, which can be converted into high-value NKA to generate greater revenue.

In the long run, players who consistently play Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds are guaranteed stable returns.

# Reasonable Value

A reasonable value is set by designing a token exchange rate formula that takes into consideration the total production amount and service days.

# Value Conservation

The value of Territe Tokens (NKT) will be preserved throughout the life of the game by increasing the ways Territe is used for character progression.

The value of Asterite Tokens (NKA) will be preserved throughout the life of the game by increasing the ways Asterite is used.

The formula is advantageous for preserving the token’s value because it’s designed to better the exchange rate over time while other factors remain constant.

# Reliable Investment Asset

Each token will be used only for distribution via game currency and exchanges, marketing, operation, and Ecosystem Fees. Netmarble Neo does not sell tokens directly to anyone.

Thank you for reading today’s article. We will be back with more exciting news and information!

Stay tuned!

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