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[Wallet Notice] FCT Pool Creation and LP Reward Information


With the launch of The King of Fighters ARENA, MBXL/FCT liquidity pool will be added to the MARBLEX Wallet for trading Fighter’s Club Token (FCT), KOF ARENA’s game token.

As the new liquidity pool has been added to the MBX Swap service, a Reward Program will be conducted accordingly.

<Initial Exchange Rate for MBXL/FCT Swap>

< LP Reward Program of MBXL/FCT >
- Distribution Period : 2022. 11. 14 14:00 ~ 2023. 1. 13 14:00 (UTC+9)
- LP Pairs / Rewards : MBXL-FCT / 469,704 MBXL (Linear Distribution)

*Note :
- The source of the liquidity pool provided for setting the Initial Exchange Rate is the MBX marketing resources.
- The exact time in seconds for distribution is determined by the block creation time of the MBX blockchain.
- The blockchain network being congested or other unforeseen circumstances could delay the distribution of LP Rewards.
- “MARBLEX LP Rewards” circulated by the Rewards Program will only be used/returned to revitalize the MBX Swap ecosystem. As an initial pool provider, MBXL rewards paid to MARBLEX will be re-supplied to the liquidity pool to strengthen ecosystem stability and user transaction support.
- The source for rewards is from MBX community resources

Please look forward to the various reward programs in the MBX Swap.

Stay tuned for more updates!
MBX Team.

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