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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

For more than five years now, social media marketing has increased as the most popular tool for big and small businesses around the world to spread their message. These messages vary from raising awareness for a cause, selling goods, or changing the image of an industry. Even though it has become so important for this generation of consumers, many companies have not implemented a strategy yet and are losing potential customers that only engage in online social interaction with their providers.

Why is social media marketing so important for small businesses?

  1. Community building: By interacting through social media outlets with your consumers, you create a community based on shared interests and trust. Your consumers will start to feel that your brand is part of their life, which leads to brand loyalty.
  2. Increase your customer service scores: If you have any emergency that may hinder your performance with customers, including light outages or a flood, you can disseminate the information quickly through your social media outlets, letting customers know that you care for them and that you are working to fix the issue.
  3. Knowledge about your audience: Through social media analytics, a company has more information about who is buying their products or services and who is engaging with the brand in general.
  4. Exposure to new potential customers: Active social media leads to customers sharing and liking your posts, giving your brand more exposure around different networks.

Are you a small business owner or employee? I would love to hear what strategies do you use to keep up with your social media marketing! Or if you do not use this type of marketing, what don’t you like about it?



Marce Writes talks about entrepreneurship, content creation, public relations, and lifestyle subjects.

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