How I Use Photography To Boost My Creativity

Using my “Borges’ World” imagination

Have you ever seen that cartoon *Bobby’s World?

*Wikipedia explanation:

Bobby’s World (originally known as The World According to Bobby, to parody The World According to Garp) is an American animated television series, which ran from 1990 to 1998, on FOX Kids. It was about the daily life of Bobby Generic and his very overactive imagination on how he sees the world.

Sometimes I feel I am just like Bobby. I see things around me and my imagination starts to wander. I thought this imagination child like stuff would stop as I grow up.

Turns out it didn’t.

Does it mean I didn’t grow up? Am I still a kid?

If so, I’m happy with that.

I like to see the world around me and start imagining what’s going on the minds of people I encounter.

Or sometimes I create scenarios, stories and conversations that never happened.

I know! Crazy, right?

I’m gonna show you what I meant…

Welcome to Borges’ World…

Like the TV Show “Law&Order” would say… These are their stories:

Guy on the black shirt:

“Relax, I got this. The 3 of us against them. Follow my lead.”


“Oh no, the Skateboarding dude again…”


“Don’t worry honey, on the count to 3 we jump!!!”

Lady to Gentleman:

“Honey, you are the best! How do you manage to always get the window dinner spot?”


“Kids I’m gonna show you how to have dinner in style! Oh, yeah!”

Guy looking at the window — Best Oysters — :

“I wonder how food bloggers decide that. Are they allowed to eat for free? Excuse me waiter, I’m a food blogger… Can I have my food now :-) ?”

Ladies inside the restaurant:

- What are you gonna eat?
- Food… and you?

The only person in the photo:

“Just one more thing and…. TADAAAAAA!!!!”

A Man of Class:

“Sometimes people confuse me for Richard Gere”

Me thinking whilst my wife is accompanying me during this street photo shooting:

“Oh no a shoe store… I hope my wife didn’t see it… Ruuuuuuunnnn!!!”

Lady standing:

“Soooooo… they are late again…”

Me thinking:

Oh yeah, I’m fancy I go to museums and stuff…
Oh maaaaan, I need to Google: Contemporary Art definition

Ladies in front of the stairs:

What do you girls think? Nice quote, hum?
We should go in…
I love the work of Chuck Close…

Me thinking:

Chuck who? Norris?

Photographer to couple:

Guuuuys, just follow the arrow…

A bit of reality now (seriously, I’m not joking now):

This guy (Pepe) is an Italian artist, currently living and painting in Sydney. All the artworks he creates are donated to charitable organisations, non-profit organisations or churches. Man, he is good. Check more here: or his IG

Group of people:

I told you we would go out on a boat today!
Yep, but I thought it was a yacht…
Noooo, ferries are much more fun!

Lady looking to the bilboard:

Oh, so many options. What should I do? Where should I go?

Me thinking:

Hey! Yes, you! Can I have one of those beers? I’m thirsty :-)

Me thinking:

Aaaaaah those beautiful lines…

True story:

I was doing my professional pose while shooting (hahaha) so they asked me to take a photo of them with their iPhone

Me again:

Where is Waldo variation… Where is the band?

Skateboarding guy and blue shirt guy:

Can you see that, mate?
Of course… You mean… Behind that other thing over there?
Yep, that’s it.

Me thinking:

Follow each other and you will get there…
Is it a concert you guys are attending?
Are you guys gonna have dinner afterwards?
Can I go?

Me thinking loud:

No, sir. I wasn’t shooting you!

What I think the girl is thinking:

Ha, my lenses are bigger than yours…lalalala!

Guy with the backpack:

Oh man, sometimes I have this feeling there is a creep dude following me…

Guy with the backpack:

That feeling is still there… What could that be?

Me thinking:

Oh man, I’m not creepy. I’m a cool dude :-)

Me thinking:

I wonder when the cleaning guys will come… Those glasses could use some help.

Me exchanging thoughts with the photographer:

Don’t worry dude, I’m NOT gonna sell the photo to this beautiful newlyweds…

Attendant to the lady:

Yes, madam. Our coffee is way better than Starbucks.

Ladies leaving the venue:

Marcy, they don’t have my favourite brand of bubbles
Let’s get the taxi and get this party started.
Shall we?

Me pretending I am a “Millenium”:

What do you mean there was a time you used this thing to make phone calls?
How about whatsapp?

Me trying to find ways to afford a new camera:

Huuuum, I wonder if I stop paying my rent I could buy that Sony A7R…
No dude, not the hair thing… Paxtons…

Me going home and imagining I am telepathically talking to that guy texting in his mobile:

Hey dude, how many points you have on Angry Birds?
Oh… So you are not playing?
Texting your grandma… Aaaah…
Tell her I said, hello!


Marcelo Borges

Disclaimer: These photos and its comments have the purpose to entertain and make you smile and never to disrespect any human being that are part of it. If you are in one of those photo(s) and didn’t like the way you were considered in the context please email me at contact[at] and your photo will be taken down immediately.

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