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Multi-cloud — take the chances!

So, usually I'm talking about GCP here. Of course, it's my workday.

But of course, it's not the only Cloud provider that you need to know. Let's remember that sometimes (a lot of time, actually), you will need to migrate from one provider to another one… and it can be from AWS to Microsoft Azure or GCP, or even from GCP to AWS or Azure (or OCI, IBM Cloud, … we have a lot of options).

I don't know you, but I like to understand and see how it works my options to something. In my case, I have some experience in AWS and Azure. So, I can understand when some customer come to me and say: "I have a RDS in my AWS organization, what is the equivalent in GCP?"

So, to help you if you want, of course, I can share with you the Azure Virtual Training Days.

In a few words, this are virtual training for some certifications where Microsoft provides the voucher. So, you take this classes (usually 6 hours in 2 days — 3 hours each day), receive the voucher and that's it! Ready to go!

And, we have good options for those that is starting in Cloud or Azure. Check the options that we have opened today:

Of course, you need to check the timezone, but let's be honest, sometimes you need to leave some confort zone, right? Just a couple of days to do something that will be really useful for you and for free… keep that in mind.

And this is the certifications that you can try after the trainings:

I suggest you to always check the page because we always have new events for fundamentals. And the good thing from Azure is that you can choose the specific topic, like Data or AI, per example. You can even choose the "Fundamentals", that covers the Azure fundamentals.

So, this is not a technical post, it's just some way to share good free (sometimes paid) stuff.

Hope that helps. Take care. :)



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Marcelo Marques

Marcelo Marques

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