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March for Science
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2 min readNov 21, 2017


About Science Not Silence

As the official blog of the March for Science, Science Not Silence aims to open up the dialogue between scientists and their communities, ensuring that scientists can speak about their work and how it serves the greater good.

Through thought-provoking commentary and engaging content, our blog strives to inspire and empower a global community of science advocates.

Our Goals

The goal of the March for Science blog is to bolster science and science support by creating a body of work where readers can quickly and easily grasp:

  1. The significance of science and why it is important to everyday life. We want to build bridges between science and everyday citizens. This means making science accessible. We want to develop the reader’s appreciation for the great diversity of science and how it contributes to supporting public policy and life. The blog will highlight the service role of science and how science supports the common good for all.
  2. The importance of setting good policies that support science. This includes both documenting political threats to science and its ability to serve, and addressing the consequences that emerge when the knowledge and benefits produced by science are limited in their reach. We want to emphasize the need for science to serve a diverse body of people, and the importance of equitable access to science and the resources it provides.
  3. How to advocate and support science. The blog will feature tools and approaches that readers can take advantage of as citizens and individuals to learn more. We want people to get involved and support science and science-based policymaking. We want to provide avenues for people to channel their passion into tangible calls to action.
March For Science in San Fransisco, 2017