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How we got 163 leads in 24 hours during COVID-19

I share my experience of holding an event in isolation. We got 1904 users and 163 leads in 24 hours. I attach the source code of app and full statistics with feedback.

Статья на русском языке:

Hello World!

We got interesting case. There were 2 weeks for preparation, 40 partners and 0 USD. Today I want to share my experience.


Name of the event is “Night at the Technopark”. It usually organized offline from children’s technopark “Kvantorium «Friendship»”.

Kvantorium - Russian federal project aimed at teaching children in technical areas, including IT.

The main goal of event is to get acquainted with the areas of activity and the subsequent enrollment of children for learning.

It was impossible organize offline event in the conditions of COVID-19. It was not right to refuse it, because leads for learning will be missed. The only option was the online format, there was an open question of how to do this.

The final event took place in a game format. Users completed tasks and received points that could be spent on one of 1400 gifts.


Since the event is started, we understood that will participate children, their parents and others. Many of these people don’t know about Kvantorium. We needed to acquaint them with the areas of activity, present it simply and clearly, motivate them to visit and consolidate result.

The first thought was to developed a chat-bot and connect several traffic sources: WhatsApp, Telegram, Vkontakte (Russian social network). With ready-made solutions, it was possible to do this quickly, but this approach was very limited in functionality.

We liked concept of a chat-bot, as it is an understandable solution, because we all use messengers. It was decided to keep chat-bot idea and add options. So idea of ​​developing own web application came up.

The main part of web application should be in the form of messenger with buttons like Telegram and wrapped in game format. In the user profile, there is a link to register for learning and simple admin panel. Link became the starting point to add a reward system and attract partners.

If we can add a link, why not add gifts from different organizations that will help them get customers and motivate our users?

When the idea was formed, it remained to come up with a plot for the game. What’s a game without a storyline?


The game is divided into 3 blocks. In each block, user answers the questions:

  1. Acquaintance with directions — user chooses one of 8 directions. In each direction there are 9 questions, 3 for each difficulty level: easy, medium and difficult.
  2. Acquaintance with completed projects — user selects the project(s) that were made in the Kvantorium. Points are awarded for correct answers. The trick is that each of the proposed projects is made in technopark.
  3. Reflection — we receive feedback from client from the proposed options or give opportunity to write it yourself.


For the correct answer 10 points are awarded. So, in the first block can get 90 points, in the second 10. Reflection is included as a separate block solely to get feedback. If a user clicks on a button or writes a review, he gets 10 points. The maximum user can get 110 points per game.


This is an important part of development process. After application was ready, bot interface was perceived as “cold” and “impersonal”. To liven it up, we added emoji and drew an avatar.

I have never used emoji in so many times. I read text, keep my emotions and added emoji. We saw the result of this approach in reflection, I will tell about it in the “analytics”.


I see no reason to go deeper into development. Will describe the selected solutions for the client and server parts, as well as attach a link to Open Source.

  • Client: Vue.js, Vue Apollo
  • Server: Apollo GraphQL, MongoDB Atlas

Full WebSocket Transport was used for client-server communication.


Digital Ocean with $ 5 tariff
1 GB Memory / 25 GB Disk / Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64

Result of work

Partners and promotion

Person from our team was involved in attracting partners. I believe that attraction and promotion is the second half of the volume of work.

Event “Night in technopark” is an initiative of Kvantoirum and Ministry of Education and Youth Policy (next - ministry). Important stage before the launch is the presentation of project in the ministry and obtaining approval. The result of the presentation is positive emotions.


There were 40 partners and 1400 gifts in total, among them were edible and non-edible. Starting with a “basket of sweets” and a set of rolls, ending with a trip to dentist for 100 USD in different clinics. There were also certificates for various training sessions. At the same time, the partner company received leads, and we received advertising.

The gifts were not endless and if the number dropped to 0, it was removed from the list of offers. This did not apply to certain certificates, which were unlimited.

The main condition from partners was identification of their company, so after registration user was forced to open the list of partners. Also, the company’s logos were used in the list with gifts.


Before the start of the event, 3 groups were created to accumulate people: Telegram, WhatsApp, VKontakte. In groups, they posted posts about new partners, this helped to attract the majority of users.

List of partners


Accountability was essential for partners and a common understanding of the picture. The easiest way was to export to Excel. We used the plugin “vue-json-excel”. The fields that were unloaded: name, email, region (yes/no), points, gift, company, direction of learning, feedback.


Geography of the participants was different, gifts were available only to residents of Russian region. Checkbox was added during registration.

  • Our region — 76.2%
  • Russia — 23.8%

Directions of learning

  • Math — 25.6%
  • Robo— 16.3%
  • English — 14.7%
  • IT — 11%
  • Chemistry — 10.7%
  • Industrial design — 9.3%
  • Aero — 6.8%
  • Chess — 5.5%


The reflection block offered ready-made answers, and the user could also write a review on his own.

  • Friendly Bot — 35.7% (Emoji story)
  • Tasks — 27%
  • Interface — 9.8%
  • Video greeting — 9.3%
  • Other answers — 0.1%

In “Other answers” there are answers that people wrote themselves. Almost all of them are positive, only 3 have a negative assessment of project.


I enjoyed working on the project. At the end, I compiled an honest list of mistakes and improvements based on my observations and user comments.


  • Admin. panel with CRUD users, companies and gifts
  • The button in the profile “resend the letter” — when choosing a gift, the letter was sent automatically to the mail, but it did not always reach
  • Add option to transfer points between users
  • Points are deducted in full — due to the estimated number of users, it was decided to give one gift to one person, the remaining points burned out
  • Add block with answers to frequently questions
  • Add user region change to the profile — was possible to change only the name


  • Increase pre-release traffic with paid social media posts networks — I think that it was possible to increase the number to 5.000
  • Add discounts for services / products of partners to the list of gifts (will allow you to attract more leads)
  • In chats, need to pin support contacts and add chat support to application
  • Split Telegram channel — one for publications and other for chat

Open Source

Thanks for your attention!

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