2019 Wrap Up

Marconi Foundation
Jan 2 · 2 min read

As 2019 draws to a close we’d like to share one more update with the community. During the past few months the team has been pushing forward with several enhancements to the protocol that are now ready for release.

Edge Client Support

As discussed in the white paper the future vision for Marconi includes one use case where individuals can share their bandwidth with others creating decentralized internet infrastructure. Today, every node in a Marconi network is a server that shares bandwidth with connected peers, but this latest update adds support for client nodes to be able to consumer bandwidth without sharing it further.

Administrative Network Traffic Optimization

To optimize how individual nodes discover and connect to peers in the network the DHT discovery protocol has been updated to reduce spam and minimize the chance of hitting rate limits.

POA Support

Proof of Work was used in the initial Marconi implementation given that it’s a battle tested consensus algorithm used by many popular blockchains today. There are, however, challenges with this consensus and to lay the groundwork for a future transition options the team has added initial support for Proof of Authority.

Performance Optimizations

To better support the high bandwidth needs of datacenters and large enterprises multiple performance improvements were added for mPipe connections. To unlock further performance improvements there was additional refactoring done to support multiple mPipes in the future and multi-queue support.

This new update can be downloaded from the releases page.


Smart Ethernet Protocol

Marconi Foundation

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Administrator for the Marconi Protocol blog


Smart Ethernet Protocol

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