Marconi Mining Software Now Available

In preparation for the Mainnet, we’re excited to share the news that the Marconi mining software is now live. Mining on Marconi offers a platform for the community to support and secure the Marconi blockchain through PoW mining. With this release, miners can familiarize themselves with the following features on the Testnet ahead of the Mainnet launch:

  • Support for CPU and GPU miners at multiple performance level
  • Dashboards for tracking miners, block rewards and payouts
  • Proportional payouts every 10 minutes
  • 0% Pool Fees

Get started today with:


  • Algorithm: CryptoNight v8
  • Block Time: 30s
  • Block Reward: Up to 20 marcos per block initially, but adjusts over time
  • Block Reward halving schedule: none
  • Masternodes: No