Our Roadmap: What’s Ahead

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May 8 · 2 min read

With the Mainnet launching on May 16th, we wanted to share more details about our roadmap. After all, the Mainnet launch is just the beginning. Here’s a look at what’s ahead.

May — 2019 — Mainnet

A complete blockchain release to facilitate secure network communication, flexible network infrastructure, and the formation of trusted networks. This release includes the following major components:

Marconi Pipe. A secure communication channel for transporting network traffic between peers. The pipes are established all the way down to layer 2 of the OSI model and provide encryption, routing, and processing capabilities. Marconi Pipe works with wired standards to allow the Marconi Protocol to be used as an overlay on existing internet infrastructure.

Programmable Packets. Network packets can be routed and processed using Marconi’s programmable packet design. This technology unlocks numerous use cases for smart decentralized networking applications such as securing blockchain networks, connecting branch offices, hybrid cloud connectivity and load balancing.

Global Chain. This global chain facilities the creation of new networks and the management of nodes on that network. It also houses protocol components such as smart contracts for facilitating network functionality like DHCP.

October-2019 — Subnet Staking

A staking process where individuals can stake their coins and earn rewards over time while securing the network.

2020 — Marconi Link

An extension to Marconi Pipe called Marconi Link that is designed to work with wireless standards to power scalable mesh networks, both public and private.

2021 — Proof of Network Element

A decentralized metering protocol that captures network node availability and bandwidth over time, and incentivizes network bootstrapping and continued network participation.

For more information about each milestone please check out the white paper.


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