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A Recap of MarcoPolo Protocol’s First Quarter in 2020

As of the last day of March, MarcoPolo Protocol’s global community size has reached 150K, total media followers have reached 186K, and the core product MarcoPay monthly active user has reached 20K. MarcoPay Protocol team members are come from 11 different countries and expand different markets in different ways. Aside from those numbers, MarcoPolo Protocol hosted many community events, launched new DAPPs and upgraded new features on MarcoPay, and created partnerships with global media, institutes, and experts.

Global Communities

In the first quarter, MarcoPolo Protocol hosted many community incentive activities, include Airdrops, AMA, Milione, etc. and drew attention globally. At the moment, MarcoPolo Protocol has 6 communities: 5 Telegram groups (English, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, and Vietnamese) and 1 Kakao group (Korean).

In the middle of February, we launched an Airdrop activity in MarcoPolo Protocol Telegram communities. Then, we have entered an aggressive growth period, the activity drew attention globally and attracted more than 100K followers to Telegram groups. More people got to know about us and started using MarcoPay on their mobile devices. At the end of February, we are hosting AMA events in different Telegram groups weekly, AMA has become a great connection between us and our lovely users. Guests from the project answered questions from communities, and listen to their suggestions and concerns. We firmly believe that MarcoPay will be the “PayPal” of the crypto world and it cannot be realized without hearing from users’minds. Each conversation between someone from the project and users will add more touches to MarcoPay.

In addition to Airdrop and AMA, we hosted more fun events such as Quick Quiz Game in the Korean community; Image Contest in Nigeria; MAP Holdings Competition on Kucoin Exchange and etc. The growth trend won’t end, we will host more different types of community incentives in Q2.

Besides continuing to develop those current existed communities, we will start building our Portuguese community and explore the Brazilian market in Q2. We have already hired employees and opened up an office in Sao Paulo. Our goal for the Brazilian market is to have more local small and medium-sized enterprises to use MarcoPay to accept cryptos and fiat currencies payments. Even more, to use MarcoPay as their asset management tool.

Media Partnership

We have created partnerships with many media in the first quarter. For English media, we have partnered with Yahoo Finance and we have reached long-term relationships with more than 250 companies including but not limited to: Journal NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX, etc. In the Korean market, we have cooperated with Coinpan, the largest and most authoritative forum in South Korea, to promote us on their platform. Our MAP introduction article ranked second in the “Coinpan hottest article”. Furthermore, many other articles done by users to introduce MAP were being selected on the list several times. We are also reaching out with Cobak for partnership and will comprehensively promote us on most of the Korean blockchain mainstream media platforms; Turkish community has reached a cooperative relationship with Cointral, a local offline OTC platform, Kazancrehberi, the largest local community, as well as a number of companies under the well-known local projects MenaPay and Venture Capital; Indonesian community has reached strategic cooperation with Coinvestasi and Fanspage Pemburu Bitcoin Indonesia, two local major blockchain media.


MarcoPay is MarcoPolo Protocol’s core product. It aims to build a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, which is Satoshi Nakamoto’s dream. Currently, it is still subject to two difficulties:

  1. The transfer speed is too slow, which makes it difficult for large-scale applications to use;
  2. The trust issue and convenience-to-use problem which caused by centralized exchanges while crypto asset interoperating.

MarcoPolo Protocol team has designed a multi-chain resource sharing technology mechanism to allow all public chains to realize TPS and crypto-asset sharing and interworking, thereby forming unlimited expansion of TPS and free peer-to-peer interoperability of all blockchain assets. MarcoPay is the embodiment of such technology, and it will only focus on the finical field which are DPayment, Defi, and DEX. MarcoPay will connect all peer-to-peer electronic cash system applications on MarcoPolo Protocol seamlessly, so we can better solve the problem of the free circulation of crypto assets.

In the first quarter of 2020, MarcoPay also passed lots of milestones. The total download passed 260K, Milione participants reached 90K, and Milione MAP Pool reached 4.3M. Many retail stores in Thailand had used MarcoPay for daily transactions. As of today, there are four DAPPs on Marcopay, they are:

Milione: a wealth management product, users can earn USDT bu pledging MAP tokens and inviting friends.

POB: Lottery

Lighting Buy: you can buy USDT with fiat currencies

Instant Exchange: you can exchange USDT and ETH to MAP within seconds

DAPP development is one of our main goals in the 2020 Q2. More different types of DAPPs will be added to MarcoPay.

What is Next?

In 2020 Q2, MarcoPolo Protocol will put more effort into in-depth market expansion in Singapore, Turkey, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, and Nigeria; provide better MarcoPay user experience and more DAPPS; create friendly communities which allow people can always have enjoyable conversations. MarcoPay Protocol team will also hire more blockchain experts and global partners.

Thank everyone for being with us along the journey.

Sam Jia

Head of Community

April 1st, 2020

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