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Announcement — MAP Switch to Ethereum (ERC-20), POB Service Temporarily Stop

Dear MAP Protocol Community,

We held a community vote on July 30th on whether to switch to Ethereum(ERC-20), the result shows that 63.8% of the users agreed to switch to Ethereum.

In order to better develop the MAP Protocol ecosystem, the MarcoPolo Protocol Foundation decided to start switching mainnet related works immediately, which will swap the current existing token type to Ethereum ERC-20. The current issued MAP tokens on the main network can be converted 1:1 into Ethereum ERC-20 version of MAP.

The switching work will start at 3:00 PM, August 5th — 23:59, August 10th (GMT+8), hope that community users will actively cooperate and we realize the network swap quickly. At the same time, we will temporarily stop POB DAPP service on MarcoPay and temporarily pause the withdrawal function of Milione. Welcome everyone to use Milione DAPP on MarcoPay to get higher interests and incomes.

All the MAP token holders can sway ERC-20 MAP through the follow method:

For people Who are holding MAP token

You need to transfer your MAP token to the specific address. When MarcoPolo Protocol Foundation receives the MAP token, the contract will transfer the same amount of ERC-20 version MAP token to the transferring address within 3 business days. You can check your ERC-20 version of MAP after selecting the Ethereum wallet in MarcoPay.

MarcoPay download website:

Official Swapping Wallet Address:


🚨NOTE: if you are hosting MAP on KuCoin and want to swap:
please DO NOT withdraw it directly to the Official Swapping Wallet Address; please DO NOT withdraw it directly to the Official Swapping Wallet Address; please DO NOT withdraw it directly to the Official Swapping Wallet Address.

Please withdraw MAP to your MarcoPay first, then swap it follow the instruction above.

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The Omnichain Network for Web3

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MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol

The Omnichain Network for An Interoperable Web3

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