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MAP Protocol

Christmas Gift Package!

What can this bot do?

This is a Telegram bot for MAP Protocol project, MAP Protocol is Chain-to-chain inter-operation Protocol.

Chat with the bot, get MAP for free.

Finish the tasks below, you will get 50 MAP+:

1. Join Telegram Group — — —20 MAP

2. Follow on Twitter — — — — —10 MAP

3. Retweet Twitter Post — — — —20 MAP

5. Invite a friend — — — — — — 5 MAP (up to 30 MAP)

  • The TOP 3 who invited the most friends will share an additional 2000 MAP

Activity time: 15 Dec. — 19 Dec. 2020
Reward distribution: within 3 days after the activity ends


MAP Cash Airdrop

MAP already listed on Kucoin:



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