How to Unfreeze POB Tickets & Swap Token to ERC-20

A tutorial of how to unfreeze POB tickets and swap MAP tokens to ERC-20 version

Go to POB DAPP and unfreeze MAP tokens

Step 1: Open MarcoPay APP and go to POB DAPP

Step 2: CLICK “MY” (bottom right corner) [left image]

Step 3: CLICK “AVAILABLE TICKET” [right image]

Step 4: CLICK “UNFREEZE” to unfreeze MAP tokens, so the remaining tickets will become MAP tokens.

Withdraw MAP Tokens

Step 5: Unfreeze MAP tokens [left image]

Step 6: CLICK “WITHDRAW” [middle image]

Step 7: CLICK “WITHDRAW” to withdraw[right image]

Swap MAP Tokens to ERC-20 Version

Step 8: Go to ASSETS [left image]

Step 9: CLICK “Transfer” to transfer the TERC-20 version tokens to the Official Swapping Wallet Address to swap[middle image]

Official Swapping Wallet Address:


Step 10: Transfer MAP tokens to the following address: 0x382e574463DdF73eF46A8E94E99FaCBF68ACc59D

After you have done all steps above, you will receive the ERC-20 version of MAP within three business days.

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