“Infrastructure wise: Web3 + Decentralized Cross-chain + DAO, the next multi-billion decentralized World. You can be a part of all profits we make.”

1. What is web3? Why web3 is incredibly different from web2

2. I have missed out Bitcoin, Ethereum and other public mainnet, such as BNB, SOL, AVAX have been launched and risen dozens of times. What are the new rising stars I can look for web3 infrastructure projects?

3. How users can participate in MAP Web3 infrastructure? The Three Rewards Combos for MAP’s Relayers.

It is clear that the multi-chain world is not just the future, it is already a reality now! As highlighted in Messari Crypto Theses 2022, the overall Web3 growth will span across various areas, particularly three areas are underdeveloped: 1) NFT infrastructure, 2) DAO-related construction, and 3) Cross-chain bridges
In future, it won’t belong to only one chain, but a multi-chain world and cross-chain plays an important role. With the development of multi-chain economy, it is inevitably that the decentralized cross-chain and DAO governance by MAP Protocol would play an important role to facilitate the transfer of a large amount of assets and data in the future.

What Web3 is? what makes web3 different from web2?

Web3 is here. Web3 is an open, permissionless and trustless, which allows exchange of information and value, without the needs of a central platform or authority. It uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), AI and etc. for true peer-to-peer transfer of value that will benefits users instead of web2 (monopoly internet economy) that just beneficial centralized platform. The phase “Web3” is coined by John Markoff, who was a reporter from New York Times backed in 2006. In the Web3 era, decentralization and user sovereignty have become the most important features. Whether it can achieve distributed decentralization and able to give users sovereignty will be the most important characteristics to determine whether a project can become the core infrastructure of Web3.

What is web3
What is web3

According to Messari, a well-known data and crypto research company prediction, the daily transaction volume of the most popular cross-chain bridge protocol will exceed the top centralized exchanges in five years. It also worth to highlight that according to Messari report Crypto Theses 2022, whoever can introduce a better cross-chain connectors and help in assets circulate freely between parachains, relay chains and the second layer will be able to master a huge wealth of the future digital world.

The biggest contribution of Web 3 is to decentralize and democratize access to investment such as the use of cryptocurrencies in DeFi because it will increase the level of playing field for each individual investor and it also help to reduce inequality. What’s more important in Web3 is the real ownership that it brings to the user while allowing users the freedom to create and profits in ways different form web2.

MAP Protocol, the foundation of web 3 Infrastructure project

MAP Protocol is the current era of crypto-based web3 projects. The main key features of MAP are that firstly MAP Protocol is truly a decentralized cross-chain interoperate protocols. Rather than rely on “the trusted nodes” to guarantee the truthfulness, MAP Protocol rely on cryptographic proof when verifying cross-chain messages to maintain the trustless properly, that is the “MAP chain” — to maintain light clients of all interest blockchains. Instead of rely on operations from centralized authorities, MAP Chain rely on bulletproof smart contract in pure mathematical way. This can eliminate the problem of unreliable human factors and also safety can be guaranteed.

What the heck is MAP DAO and why DAO?

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will serve as an essential tool in the new set of crypto economic primitives that will change the way how humanity coordinates capital and resources. To fully realize the ethos of web3, MAP Protocol incorporate DAO decision core in its philosophy, to bring the “ownership” stakes back to the users. Enabling dense p2p network of value exchange and user participation. MAP DAO will serve as the important legal structure to promote various ecological partners to participate in MAP ecosystem and its cross-chain operation in the future. MAP DAO owned by the community, would also serve as the new primitive to realize the rights and interests for its users. Tokens and assets belonging to the ecological part will be voted by users in the form of proposals and anyone can join DAO to participate, and earn part of the profits.

[Decentralized]: because community users interact through smart contracts and it can continue to function without a leader
[Autonomous]: because all community users have the voting rights
[Organization]: because multiple people can participate together to achieve a common goal

MAP Protocol is determined to attribute all future revenue and nearly 50% of tokens to the Community and adopt DAO as a new form of transparent governance. This simply means that all profits generated from the cross-chain will go to MAP DAO. Through DAO governance, community users can submit proposals and engage in the voting process, and share the profits together. With this, the MAP ecosystem can grow as big as comparable to Binance and Opensea, as all the profits generated from cross-chain fees will be shared with users through transparent DAO governance.

So degen out there, don’t wait!

How users can participate in MAP web3 infrastructure? The Three Rewards Combos for MAP’s Relayers.

Users can contribute to the construction of MAP Mainnet and earn rewards through various ways. Firstly, holders of $MAP token can operate their own Validator node to earn mining rewards incentives. Secondly, MAP token holders with some skillsets can earn more rewards by being a “Relayer”, and thirdly aside from being a Validators node and Relayer, users can also participate in Vault rewards to earn cross-chain fees.

Particularly on Relayers, where it plays an important role in cross-chain transfer and moves towards true decentralization. There are three reward combos available for MAP’s relayers: 1) Users can run a relayer node mining and earn. 2) Relayers can earn cross-chain fees when helping to deliver cross-chain messages. 3) Users can also get fees from the fees collected by MAP, through DAO governance. More details on the various ways users can earn from the MAP incentives mechanism will be disclosed in the next article.

This is not the end yet. There are a series of NFT-related ecosystem projects that will be onboarding soon. For instance, a brand new NFT DAO project aims to bring the relationship between artist and token holder closer, to become a community effort with DAO governance. Through the NFT launchpad and new NFT DAO token launched that could potentially airdrop to both artists and users, it can also resolve the existing NFT liquidity problem and the platform will share profits with token holders through transparent DAO governance. In addition, it is also inevitable that MAP Protocol as the market dominant player in the cross-chain field will introduce its decentralized NFT cross-chain bridge that will serve as an important tool to cope with the current and future NFT market demands.

At last, MAP Protocol will continually develop and keep incubating. We will work together with all the ecosystem partners, together we are looking forward to building a better foundation for web3. WGMI.🎉

About MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol is the omnichain layer for Web3 with fully secure cross-chain communication built on Light-client and zk-SNARK technology. MAP provides the cross-chain infrastructure to public chains and dApps by connecting both EVM with non-EVM chains. Developers can access a full suite of SDKs so their dApps can easily become omnichain applications.

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MAP Protocol 💙MAPO

MAP Protocol 💙MAPO


Omnichain layer for Web3 with provably secure cross-chain communication built on Light-client & ZK technology.