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Makalu Poc-1, the Testnet of MAP Cross-chain Protocol, is Officially Launched

We are excited to announce that MAP Protocol has officially launched its testnet Makalu Poc-1 after a period of endeavor of the core development team and all contributors.

MAP Protocol aims to be the secure end-to-end solution for any blockchain resident to move and exchange assets. To fulfill this role, MAP team is building on three layers simultaneously: a dedicated blockchain served as the infrastructure freeway connecting all kinds of blockchains to break the barriers, the MAP Assets layer where all kinds of assets are mapped to MAP chain in a non-custodial style via trustless smart contract, and the DeFi Application layer where all kinds of applications including but not limited to DEXes, games and NFTs can be built with the cross-chain capabilities enabled by the MAP chain and MAP assets.

The key features of the testnet Makalu Poc-1 are as follows:

1. Light client verification

Makalu Poc-1 deploys the POW consensus algorithm and fundamental block structure and verifies on-chain transactions of the target chain via light clients to realize the exchange of transaction data and assets between chains. MAP Protocol uses a dedicated blockchain to maintain all light clients, which are the basis of cryptographic verification. The correctness of the light client state is critical to the security of MAP Protocol.

2. Transferring assets from Ropsten to Atlas

Makalu Poc-1 currently provides supports for transferring assets (USDT) from Ethereum testnet Ropsten to Atlas in an entirely decentralized manner. The MAP blockchain is completely compatible with EVM and it protects users’ assets with transparent smart contracts using. In the future, users can enjoy one-stop asset transfer services without limitation between all blockchains through smart contracts and light clients maintained by the MAP chain.

The architecture of Makalu Poc-1 is mainly composed of three parts:

i) On-chain contracts: it used to define the cross-chain message entry between major chain networks, burn and mint processes of assets.

ii) Relayer: it can realize Atlas’s functions of data professing among different chains, storage framework of light client data, synchronization of light client data between chains, and relay of transactions. Each external major chain network that integrating into the MAP cross-chain ecosystem can support multiple relayers.

iii) Main network: by building a dedicated MAP public chain, the main network is committed to achieve interoperability among various types of blockchains, effectively providing services for on-chain data, assets transaction and verification.

The launch of Makalu Poc-1 will further improve and test the development of MAP. MAP Protocol will update on our latest developments soon.



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