MAP Grant Report

MAP Bridge which designed based on MAP Protocol has received grant funding from the Polkadot Web3 Foundation. Web3 foundation was founded by the former CTO of Ethereum, Gavin Wood, aims to discover innovative blockchain project. Web3 foundation has a wide range of global influence in the blockchain field.

To understand the importance of MAP Bridge to Polkadot, we need to simply understand the chain interoperation logic of Polkadot ecology.

There are two types of chain interoperation in Polkadot ecology, the interoperation among isomorphic chains is mainly achieved through Polkadot’s own XMCP protocol. Meanwhile the interoperation among heterogeneous chains could be achieved by bridge technology. Therefore, Polkadot attaches great importance to the bridge project.

However, the technical implementation of bridge projects is difficult, as one of the few excellence bridge projects in this issue of grant, MAP Bridge is favored by Polkadot. On the one hand, MAP Bridge can provide bridging components, on the other hand, MAP Bridge also has its own characteristics and advantages in similar projects.

Most current bridge schemes basically rely on a relayer group to provide security. But MAP Bridge is a relayer-free protocol based on cryptographic evidence to provide the corresponding guarantee. This key difference gives MAP Bridge higher security and faster confirmation speed. Specifically, MAP Bridge can achieve real-time chain interoperability of logarithmic space complexity.

So far, we have already built Substrate-based MMR for MAP Bridge, and implemented the block header storage functionality. Next, we will further implement the ULVP module and some add-on module. For specific technical details, please refer to our white paper, and for specific implementation progress, please refer to our weekly report.

Eventually, we plan to extend our bridge to most POW and POS type blockchains in the future. Through our bridge we could link more and more other blockchain systems into Polkadot Ecosystem.



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