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MAP Protocol co-organizes and participates in Sanya Polkadot Night

On the evening of December 23rd, “Sanya Polkadot Night” was successfully held in Sanya, China. Which is sponsored by Candaq, ChainNews and PolkaBase, co-sponsored by Jubi Labs, naming by MXC and co-organized by MAP Protocol.

Representatives of Litentry, RareLink, Crust, ChainX, DARWINIA, OpenSquare, Bandot, StaFi Protocol, ZenLink, BOOL, Bitfrost, Acala Network, TrustBase, Map Protocol, Saito and dozens of other high-quality Polkadot ecological projects were all participated.The following is the details of this event.

In the opening speech, Lin Zihao, founder and CEO of Candaq, introduced in detail the $20 million Polkadot ecological investment fund jointly established by Candaq Fintech and PolkaBase. Candaq will assist PolkaBase in building the largest Polkadot Ecological Project Incubator and Accelerator, focusing on the rapid incubation of the “Last kilometer” project, as well as the massive aggregation filter of the Polkadot Ecological Project. At the same time, he also introduces many projects that benefit from Candaq.

Dr. Zhiyi from MAP Protocol also delivered a speech: MAP Protocol is a relay-free cross-chain protocol, which is based on cryptographic verification to achieve real-time interoperability with logarithmic space complexity.

“Sanya Polkadot Night” did not end until midnight, and there will be more Polkadot activities in the future, MAP Protocol will continue to follow.

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