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MAP Protocol Semi-Monthly Report #80 (Nov 16th — Nov 30th)

#Technical Development
• Ready to release atlas POC-2 testnet version.
• Continue to update the functions and testing of atlas v0.3.
• Continuously test all RPC interfaces, in-depth analysis to understand the detailed IBFT process and message flow process, sort out the data synchronization mechanism and form documents.
• Continue to iterate atlas functions and sort out and adjust the multi-chain architecture of atlas.
• Continue to pay attention to and maintain the stability of atlas v0.2.

• MAP NFT contract docking.
• Overall optimization of MAP bridge contract, optimize script deployment.
• Command line implementation of MAP chain relay registration function.
• Debug the new version of the relay data header synchronization function.
• Debug the cross-chain to MAP transaction verification function.

# Partnership
Partnership between MAP Protocol and HiveSwap
HiveSwap and MAP Protocol, a cross-chain solution, announced that they have reached a strategic cooperation!

Both parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of asset cross-chain. Through the underlying cross-chain technical support provided by MAP Protocol, HiveSwap’s cross-chain bridge will realize the cross-chain interoperability of ETH and BSC networks.

MAP BD Hiring. If you fit the requirements and have strong communication & collaboration skills. Do fill up and submit the following form.

About MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol is the omnichain layer for Web3 with fully secure cross-chain communication built on Light-client and zk-SNARK technology. MAP provides the cross-chain infrastructure to public chains and dApps by connecting both EVM with non-EVM chains. Developers can access a full suite of SDKs so their dApps can easily become omnichain applications.

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MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol

Omnichain layer for Web3 with provably secure cross-chain communication built on Light-client & zk-SNARK technology.