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MAP Protocol Semi-Monthly Report #81 (Dec 1st — Dec 15th)

#Technical Development
• Improve the reconstruction of the data synchronization function of atlas v0.3.3.
• Improve the integration of atlas election and re-election functions and the application of reward functions.
• The test to improve the verification process of light node data function passed.
• Continuous iterative testing of atlas functions, sorting out and adjusting the multi-chain architecture of atlas

• Deploy and commission the contract, mapBridgeV1 and mapBridgeV2.
• Debug the function of the ether block header, and debug the voting verification function on MAP’s testnet.
• Perform the block header verification function on the Ethereum network cross-chain transaction and the overall debugging.

Community updates:

MAP testnet, Makalu PoC-2 was successfully launched on 10 December 2021!

MAP Protocol Makalu PoC-2 testnet is about to open its own ecological experience. A series of applications and activities will be launched one after another, so please stay tuned.

Check out medium post:

More information about Makalu PoC-2 docs can be found at:

#MAP Protocol Vietnam

MAP Protocol has established new Vietnamese community on telegram. The community has exceeded 10,000 users in just a few days!

We welcome more Vietnamese users to join our telegram community at the following link:…

# Partnership
Strategic Partnership between MAP Protocol and PIST TRUST
This partnership will help both ecosystem in expansion, functionality, and bring more development opportunities for PIST TRUST and MAP Protocol.


MAP Protocol is cross-chain infrastructure protocol and and will have its own independent ecology. MAP will deploy its applications on all the major chains, supporting cross-chain swaps. This will allow all the assets on MAP Chain to circulate freely across all chains. MAP Protocol also welcomes more GameFi, NFT and Metaverse projects to publish assets on the MAP Chain and join the MAP ecosystem.

Community AMA completed on 7Dec2021. The following winners received rewards of 2000 MAP token. (@Amvitor, @Sszhhhh, @promanw, @jso899, @Gohoroko). Those who have missed the AMA can read following link:

MAP Protocol rated by CMC recently as the only one with “Cross-chain tagged

#About MAP Protocol

Map Protocol is the ‘Blockchain Assets Freeway’. Map Protocol is a cross-chain bridging protocol that aims to be the secure end-to-end solution for any blockchain to move assets freely, i.e. allow fast trades of NFT assets in cross-chain decentralized manner. Do visit more info at MAP Protocol office website:

To always stay on top of updates and learn more:

· MAP Protocol Twitter

· MAP Protocol Telegram Channel

· MAP Protocol Telegram Community: English, Vietnam

· MAP Protocol Medium (For the latest updates and articles)

· MAP Protocol GitHub (Complete MAP Protocol project codes)

For more information, visit



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MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol

Omnichain layer for Web3 with provably secure cross-chain communication built on Light-client & zk-SNARK technology.