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MAP Protocol Semi-Monthly Report #87 (March 1st — March 15th)

#Technical Development


· Integrate and release atlas v0.4.1 version

· Test the light node data storage and dynamically set the light node genesis head function

· Optimize document structure and related content, and test simple contract upgrades

· Organize the code structure to remove the built-in relayer management and other content

· Update testnet for atlas v0.4


  • Bridge v2 joint debugging
  • Map light node synchronization function development atlas

# Community Updates

Article: “Staking on MAP Protocol: How to earn money on MAP protocol”

The MAP protocol has updated bridges

Kucoin earn: MAP-30D Fixed Promotion, Enjoy an APR of 60%!

Telegram AMA Kucoin Earn on 10March 2022

Telegram AMA with Pledge Finance on 16March 2022

Map Protocol Russia Community

#About MAP Protocol
Map Protocol is the ‘Blockchain Assets Freeway’. Map Protocol is a cross-chain bridging protocol that aims to be the secure end-to-end solution for any blockchain to move assets freely, i.e. allow fast trades of NFT assets in cross-chain decentralized manner. Do visit more info at MAP Protocol office website:

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