MAP Protocol Semi-Monthly Report #88 (March 16th — March 31st)

MAP Protocol
MAP Protocol 💙 MAPO
2 min readApr 6, 2022


#Technical Development


· Maintained atlas V0.4.1 test network and complete functional test of Atlas (70%).

· Continuously optimize the document structure and related content, and fix the problems found in the test.

· Reconfiguration design adjusts bn256 G1 and G2 to pubkey and signature positions.

· Test the integrity of validator’s registration, election, reward, cancel functions in various situations.


  • Bridge V2 was coordinated and the test version was launched.
  • V2 was coordinated and the test version was launchedMap light node, rlpheader parsing verification code merge.
  • Light node, synchronization of the latest n-bound verifier list function development.
  • Investigation on the verification function of light node transactions.

# Community Updates

On March 16, MAP Protocol was included in, a blockchain decentralized application data analysis platform :

Article: “The Potential for Crosschain Protocol to become SWIFT of Blockchain-verse”

on 23 March, MAP was listed on Pancake Swap.

# Partnership

On March 24, MAP Protocol and Unifarm entered into a strategic partnership.

The partnership will increase the cross-chain interoperability of Unifarm and expands MAP’s ecosystem!

On March 31, Crosschain MAP Protocol is proud to announce our strategic partnership with ENCENTIVE, providing one-click deployment for MAP ecosystem.

# Governance

GMAP DAO Governance (Trial Version) related contents below:

GMAP platform for governance financial products was officially launched on March 28.

# WEB3.0 MAP the World

Co-hosted the NFTLA VIP Party in Los Angeles on March 29.

#About MAP Protocol
Map Protocol is the ‘Blockchain Assets Freeway’. Map Protocol is a cross-chain bridging protocol that aims to be the secure end-to-end solution for any blockchain to move assets freely, i.e. allow fast trades of NFT assets in cross-chain decentralized manner. Do visit more info at MAP Protocol office website:

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MAP Protocol
MAP Protocol 💙 MAPO

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