MAP Protocol Weekly Report #36 (August 24th — August 30th)

Highlight: MAP Protocol released an image contest event on Twitter

I. Team Update

#MAPClass is a series of blockchain education on Twitter, it aims to share fundamentals terms for all blockchain fans. It has 16 parts so far. If you haven't followed it, please follow it now on

MAP Protocol Twitter:

Defi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain field and might be the hottest blockchain topic in 2020. There may Defi products released this year, but what is after Defi? We firmly believe that after the era of deif, it must be the rise of free corss-chain. Check it out the article:

What is After Defi- the Rist of Free Cross-chain

Base on a MAP Protocol community pool base on “Do you prefer to use #Ethereum swap or #TRON swap?” 51.9% of people voted TRON and the main reason for voting TRON is because of the high gas fee on Ethereum. Experience gas fee has become one of the main reason why people don't choose to use a blockchain network.

On August 26th, MAP Protocol released a community event which is MAP Protocol Image Contest: “M”.

  1. Take an image with the letter “M”
  2. Tweet the image with meaningful content
  3. Must include “#MAPProtocol” and “#WeLoveMAP”.

Read the full event:

II. Community & Marketing (Aug 24 — Aug 30)

Media Channels: 134,165

  • Twitter Followers: 53,176
  • Telegram Channel: 80,989

Communities: 95,114

  • English Community: 84,617
  • Russian Community: 2,987
  • Indonesian Community: 2,021
  • Turkish Community: 1,533
  • Vietnamese Community: 869
  • Korean Community: 3,087


  • Commits: 546
  • Star: 10
  • Fork: 7

III. Technical Development


  • GitHub: 19 new commits
  • MAP Protocol implemented support for random block generation by VRF validators
  • PoS consensus Module: realized the selection of random validators, which can pack blocks according to random seeds and broadcast them to the P2P network
  • Added the setting of the blocking probability and random number seed generation to VRF function
  • Added support for the block slot time to MAP Protocol block structure

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· MAP Protocol GitHub (For the complete codes)

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