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MAP Win The Most Valuable Award in ETHPlanet Hackathon 2020

The Building the Next Digital World Hackathon has come to an end. The theme for the hackathon was about projects that focus on helping people during this difficult time and beyond.

MAP win The Most Valuable Award and is one of five projects that stand out from the crowd — The Hackathon China Division. The item used by MAP to participate in the competition is Mouse and Duck: A platform for cross-chain transactions.

Here is a brief introduction to Mouse and Duck:

There are many cross-chain solutions, among which Notary schemes and Hash-locking cannot achieve a high degree of decentralization. Thus more and more people are beginning to study Sidechains/relays. Currently, both Polkadot XCMP and IBC are under development.

In this context, Mouse and Duck provides a solution to this problem. The project takes Mouse Chain and Duck Chain as an example. They both use MetaMask to start the program. Each node in these two networks links not only the full node in his own network but also the full node in the other’s.

User deposits the currency in the specified contract to trigger the broadcast of the cross-chain transaction, and realizes the connection with the node of the other’s network through key exchange and the handshake protocol with NetworkID.

We use MMR ultra-light proof and receipt proof to confirm that a certain cross-chain transaction has been confirmed on the other chain. Once the transaction proof is passed, coins will be minted and finally cross-chain transactions will be realized.

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The Omnichain Network for Web3

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MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol

The Omnichain Network for An Interoperable Web3

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