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MarcoPay version 3.0.0 has been released and Milione has been reopened

Dear MAP Protocol Friends,

After nearly three months of development and updates, MarcoPay has completed the update and release of version 3.0.0. The main updates include the following:

1. Optimized the underlying logic architecture of the wallet, supports Web3 framework, and better supports DApp and cutting-edge applications.

2. Better support for DeFi and innovative DApps of Ethereum

3. Removed POB, Daily reward, and LightingBuy

4. Milione has been reopened, and all users’ assets in Milione have been automatically swapped to ERC-20 version of MAP, all assets are in milione staking again

5. Users can pledge and obtain income in Milione, realizing pledge and withdrawal at any time

Next, Marcopay will continue to develop and upgrade, and support more DeFi and other innovative DApps

You can open your Marcopay app and update the new version.

MAP Protocol Team

— — — — — — — — — -

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The Omnichain Network for Web3

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MAP Protocol

The Omnichain Network for An Interoperable Web3

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