MarcoPolo Protocol Bi-Weekly Report #10 (Feb 16th — Feb 29th)

Highlight: MarcoPolo Protocol community reached 130,000; more than 100K people participated in MarcoPolo Protocol’ new airdrop activity and have received MAPC

I. Team Update

On February 19th, MarcoPolo Protocol launched an airdrop event, you can win 200 MAPC by finishing FOUR tasks within 5 minutes, and win an additional 200 MAPC by inviting each new friend to join. As of now, more than 100,000 people have participated and received the airdrop.

Start receiving the airdrop on Telegram at

Airdrop Event Details:

Start receiving MarcoPay#Airdrop

Per Participant: 200 MAPC

Each Invite: 50 MAPC

You can withdraw MAPC to your wallet instantly and swap MAPC to MAP on MarcoPay

Download MarcoPay:

On February 21, we hosted the 2nd online AMA #AMAwithKenny with MarcoPolo Protocol Core Developer Kenny in the English Telegram group (, the theme was: How Marcopolo Protocol Designs a New P2P E-cash System? During the AMA, Kenny answer many technologies related questions from the community, read the full AMA questions and answers at

On February 27, MarcoPol Protocol launched a new community incentive — — 50% Off BTC Launchpad, MarcoPol Protocol members can use MAP to buy BTC at half price.

Check more details:

1. Participate in 50% Off BTC with MAP

2. Total supply: 6 BTC

3. Everyone can buy BTC with half price, the winning ratio is random, up to 30%.

4. Deposit MAPC can increase your winning Odd.

5. Successfully purchased BTC and the remaining MAP will be returned to your wallet account when Launchpad ENDS

6. Download MarcoPay to join:

You can get MAP on Kucoin exchange or MarcoPay instant exchange

On February 28, we hosted the 3rd online AMA #AMAwithEvan with MarcoPolo Protocol Community Director Evan in the English Telegram group (, the theme was: After the MarcoPolo Protocol Community Reached 120,000 people, What is Next? During the AMA, Evan answer questions from the community, he shared the current market situation of the community, how does MarcoPolo Protocol expand other countries such as South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries. Also, he shared many media that MarcoPolo Protocol has partnered with. The full questions and answer is available at

Here are some highlights from Evan:

Crypto Talks Event in Singapore
MarcoPolo Protocol in Vietnam
MarcoPolo Protocol in South Korean
MarcoPolo Protocol in Nigeria

II. Marketing & Community

Twitter Followers: 59,081

Telegram Community:132,312

English Group: 139,989

Bengalese Group: 4,263

Russian Group: 7,003

Indonesian Group: 3,496

Turkish Group: 1,610

Vietnamese Group: 948

III. Development Progress

  • Continuing developing advanced service signature technology to ensure the secure and flexible use of all services
  • Optimized services’ frames, so that the product can support more users to use it steadily at the same time;
  • Optimized developed community bots, and made great improvements in registration, which greatly facilitated user registration and use;
  • Developing a new DAPP in MarcoPay which will allow MarcoPolo Protocol users to trade MAP easier and faster

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MarcoPolo Protocol #3rdAMA: #AMAwithEvan — After the MarcoPolo Protocol Community Reached 120,000 people, What is Next?

MarcoPoloProtocol #2ndAMA: #AMAwithKenny — How Marcopolo Protocol Designs a New P2P E-cash System?

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