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MarcoPolo Protocol Roadmap Explanation

Stage One: Gravity 2019.Q1

MarcoPolo Protocol Roadmap Stage One: Gravity 2019.Q1

In the first stage, we developed a component called Gravity, which proves the feasibility and usability of interoperability between third-generation public chains and mainstream digital currency such as BTC and ETH. Also, it enables the resources sharing mechanism which allows sharing computing powers from other chains and uses it. Gravity is the foundation for MarcoPolo Protocol to realize large-scale commercial applications with fast transaction speed and up to 2000+ TPS. MarcoPolo Protocol’s core product MarcoPay APP is build base on the Gravity module.

Stage Two: Electromagnet 2019.Q3

MarcoPolo Protocol Roadmap Stage Two: Electromagnet 2019.Q3

Launched MarcoPay and DAPPs. MarcoPay is MarcoPolo Protocol’s core product, it is a collection of Dpayment, Defi, and DEX. MarcoPay supports decentralized financial applications and provides system services to any organization or individual who is willing to engage in peer-to-peer electronic cash business in the method of SAAS and open-source. All the services are free as long as the application joins the MarcoPolo Protocol and accept the interconnections. Many retail stores in Thailand are available to use Marcopay to make payments with cryptocurrencies. In the future, more payment products will be implemented and supported in many other regions such as Southeast Asia, South America, South Korea, and Turkey.

MarcoPay, Download:

In addition, the MarcoPolo Protocol team has made an incentive plan for MarcoPay which 9% of the total MAP will be used for application development.

As of March 14th, MarcoPay has four DAPPs:

Milione: a wealth management product, users can earn USDT bu pledging MAP tokens and inviting friends. Accumulated participants have reached 67K and the MAP pool reached around 4 Million MAP.

POB: people can use tickets to play lotteries and win rewards.

Lighting Buy: you can buy USDT with fiat currencies

Instant Exchange: you can exchange USDT and ETH to MAP within seconds

MarcoPay Data:

  • Marcopay Download: 207,547
  • Marcopay Active Users: 12,098
  • Milione Accumulated Participants: 66,345
  • Milione MAP Pool: 3,977,684

Stage Three: Interaction 2020.Q4

MarcoPolo Protocol Roadmap Stage Three: Interaction 2020.Q4

The main goal for the third stage is to build the MarcoPolo Protocol mainnet.

The mainnet development will be completed in stages, divided into 5 PoC stages:

PoC-0 Galileo

PoC-1 Newton

PoC-2 Maxwell Maxwell

PoC-3 Planck

PoC-4 Einstein

After PoC verification is complete, we will launch the mainnet.

MarcoPolo Protocol mainnet will use APoS consensus, which is a more decentralized staking consensus. After the mainnet completes, the network can upgrade on-chain, which solves the problem of blockchain upgrading through forks. At the same time, all on-chain governance and future MarcoPolo Protocol developments will be handled to the community.

More MarcoPolo Protocol mainnet progress updates will be revealed along with developments. You can follow us on Twitter and GitHub.

Stage Four: Grand Unification 2022.Q2

MarcoPolo Protocol Roadmap Stage Four: Grand Unification 2022.Q2

This stage will truly realize heterogeneous cross-chain operability and resource sharing between chains. The multi-chain resource sharing technology mechanism to allow all public chains to realize TPS and crypto-asset sharing and interworking, thereby forming unlimited expansion of TPS and free peer-to-peer interoperability of all blockchain assets. Different tokens can be traded freely and instantly on the MarcoPolo Protocol network; Dpayment, Defi, and DEX functions become easy, stable, and for all customers to use, at Last, realize Satoshi Nakamoto’s electronic cash system dream.

· MarcoPolo Protocol Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· MarcoPolo Protocol Telegram Community: English, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

· MarcoPolo Protocol Medium (For the latest articles)

· MarcoPolo Protocol WhitePaper and Economic Model

· MarcoPolo Protocol GitHub (Complete MarcoPolo Protocol project codes)

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