MarcoPolo Protocol Weekly Report #18 (April 20th — April 26th)

Highlight: Whitepaper 2.0, Web Wallet, and MarcoPay 2.0 IOS version were launched

I. Team Update

On April 21, MarcoPolo Protocol Web Wallet was launched, users can use it and complete translation quickly. Truechain and Ethereum wallets are available.

MarcoPolo Protocol Web Wallet:

MarcoPolo Protocol Web Wallet:

On April 23rd, MarcoPolo Protocol launched the latest Whitepaper. It reveals MAP Protocol is aiming to be an interoperable protocol and has three characteristics:

  • Succinctness
  • Reliability
  • Universality

The protocol includes three core sub-modules:

  • Ultra-light Local Chain Verification Protocol
  • Ultra-light Cross-Chain Verification Protocol
  • Smart Script with Combinable Trigger Conditions

Besides protocol development, the MarcoPolo Protocol team plans to develop a Standard Chian and an electronic cash payment chain to satisfy the protocol’s needs.

Read the full Whitepaper:

On April 23rd, MarcoPolo Protocol Korean Kaocao community hosted an AMA base on the future development direction and the latest whitepaper. MarcoPolo Protocol senior developer Dr. Zhuan Chan was invited and attended the event. He shared the ket characteristics and advantages of MarcoPolo Protocol. In addition, he shared the current market progress and future plans.

On April 24th, MarcoPay 2.0 IOS version was launched. Now, MarcoPay is available on both Android and IOS.

Download MarcoPay:

Download MarcoPay:

On April 25th, Milione DAPP 3.0 version was launched in MarcoPay. Users can use it to easily swap ETH to MAP instantly.

II. Community & Marketing (Apr 20 — Apr 26)

Media Channels: 175,733 (-1.24%)

  • Twitter Followers: 57,385
  • Telegram Channel: 118,348

Communities: 139,026 (-1.57%)

  • English Community: 125,845
  • Russian Community: 5,093
  • Indonesian Community: 2,892
  • Turkish Community: 2,118
  • Vietnamese Community: 978
  • Korean Community: 2,100


  • Commits: 295
  • Star: 8
  • Fork: 5

MarcoPay & Milione:

  • Total Download: 322,462
  • Active Users: 17,869
  • Milione Participants: 142,034
  • Milione MAP Pool: 4,318,843

III. Technical Development

  • Improved the Epoch module to realize the start, change election, and distribution of Epoch
  • Updated the State module: added new contract state storage errors using Patricia trie and implemented the access interface for state storage
  • Updated the Balance module: replace the storage implementation with trie structure state storage
  • Updated the Txpool module: adjusted the structure of transaction processing, added the reference to the blockchain and implemented then the function of query the balance and nonce under the latest block
  • Updated the PoS Module: modified the data structure and block logic, and implemented the VRF library based on the fts-tree algorithm
  • Modified the P2P Module: added kad, message definition, and serialize network transmission messages; realized sending messages to designated nodes function
  • Completed and launched MarcoPolo Protocol Whitepaper English version
  • Started developing cross-chain related flyclient and other protocols’ research
  • Launched MarcoPay 2.0 IOS version
  • Launched Instant Exchange 3.0 DAPP
  • Cross-chain conversion improvement and development
  • Private Signature SDK development and modification to a more secure system

· MarcoPolo Protocol Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· MarcoPolo Protocol Telegram Community: English, Россия, Türkiye, Việt Nam, Brazil, and Indonesia; Korean Kakao Community: 코리아

· MarcoPolo Protocol Medium (For the latest articles)

· MarcoPolo Protocol WhitePaper, and Roadmap

· MarcoPolo Protocol GitHub (For the complete codes)

For more information, visit



MAP Protocol is the omnichain layer for Web3. 100% Nakamoto Style cross-chain communication built on Light-client & ZK technology with zero privileged roles.

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