MarcoPolo Protocol Weekly Report #26 (June 15th — June 21st)

Highlight: there is a new series #MAPClass on Twitter

I. Team Update

On June 16th and 18th, Quiz Events were hosted in the Korean community. Our hoster asked five questions and the first person who answered all of the questions correctly will win a Starbucks coffee coupon.

On MarcoPolo Protocol twitter, there is a new #MAPClass series. This series will keep updating blockchain fundamentals, so people who do not familiar with blockchain technologies can learn more about blockchain.

On June 16th, the article “MarcoPolo Protocol in Korea (Jun 16, 2020)” was released. It summarised MAP’s development in Korea. As of Jun 16, 2020, there are more than 2K members in the Korean community, including three KAKAO groups. In the partnership aspect, MarcoPolo Protocol has established a cooperative relationship with CoinNess, Korea’s largest blockchain media, users can find and read real-time MarcoPolo Protocol related news on CoinNess. Read the full article:

MarcoPolo Protocol in Korea (Jun 16, 2020)

On June 18th, there was a MarcoPolo Protocol X PA Trading Team cross-community AMA being hosted in PA Trading Team’s Telegram group (, MAP’s Head of Community Sam was invited as the guest to the AMA. During the AMA, Sam said that “Vietnam market is one of the most important markets for MAP, Vietnamese people are passionate about blockchain technologies so much.”

June 21st is the Father’s Day, MarcoPolo Protocol team sincerely wish everyone is in Love & Peace, Happy Father’s Day.

II. Community & Marketing (Jun 15— Jun 21)

Media Channels: 152,183

  • Twitter Followers: 55,211
  • Telegram Channel: 96,972

Communities: 113,625

  • English Community: 101,625
  • Russian Community: 3,468
  • Indonesian Community: 2,490
  • Turkish Community: 2,020
  • Vietnamese Community: 969
  • Korean Community: 3,007


  • Commits: 395
  • Star: 9
  • Fork: 6

MarcoPay & Milione:

  • Total Download: 394,298 (+4.39%)
  • Active Users: 30,041 (+7.13%)
  • Milione Participants: 233,242 (+8.78%)
  • Milione MAP Pool: 4,799,675 (+1.59%)

III. Technical Development


  • GitHub: 14 new commits
  • Added multi-node block download and synchronization functions
  • Integrated the existing P2P synchronization function and broadcast the latest block generated by PoS verifiers
  • Added sending the latest block information for the connected node function

· MarcoPolo Protocol Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· MarcoPolo Protocol Telegram Community: English, Россия, Türkiye, Việt Nam, Brazil, and Indonesia; Korean Kakao Community: 코리아

· MarcoPolo Protocol Medium (For the latest articles)

· MarcoPolo Protocol WhitePaper, and Roadmap

· MarcoPolo Protocol GitHub (For the complete codes)

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