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MarcoPolo Protocol Weekly Report #27 (June 22nd — June 28th)

Highlight: MAP was illustrated as an example of future blockchain development direction by Tsinghua University

I. Media Coverage & Partnership Development

On Jun 18, Tsinghua University, rank 16 on QS World University Ranking List, hosted an online sharing session, the main theme is “Blockchain Cryptology — How to Make the World Better”. This event invited many blockchain industry experts to share the latest blockchain and cryptology technologies. During the session, MarcoPolo Protocol was being mentioned and was illustrated as an example of future blockchain development direction. Institute of Internet Industry-Tsinghua University will occasionally host online sharing sessions for the public.

II. Community & Marketing (Jun 22 — Jun 28)

Media Channels: 150,219

  • Twitter Followers: 54,658
  • Telegram Channel: 95,552

Communities: 111,926

  • English Community: 100,316
  • Russian Community: 3,396
  • Indonesian Community: 2,424
  • Turkish Community: 1,801
  • Vietnamese Community: 980
  • Korean Community: 3,009


  • Commits: 413
  • Star: 9
  • Fork: 6

MarcoPay & Milione:

  • Total Download: 402,323 (+2.04%)
  • Active Users: 30,022 (+3.27%)
  • Milione Participants: 251,023 (+7.62%)
  • Milione MAP Pool: 4,836,672 (+0.77%)

III. Technical Development


  • GitHub: 18 new commits
  • Optimized the P2P module: improved the basic synchronization process, get the current status of the peer when connecting to the peer and synchronize the backward blocks through the height of the peer
  • Synchronized blocks through block hash to obtain missing orphan blocks
  • Improve the P2P module: receive the latest packaged blocks through broadcasting

· MarcoPolo Protocol Twitter and Telegram Channel (For the latest news)

· MarcoPolo Protocol Telegram Community: English, Россия, Türkiye, Việt Nam, Brazil, and Indonesia; Korean Kakao Community: 코리아

· MarcoPolo Protocol Medium (For the latest articles)

· MarcoPolo Protocol WhitePaper, and Roadmap

· MarcoPolo Protocol GitHub (For the complete codes)

For more information, visit




The Omnichain Network for Web3

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MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol

The Omnichain Network for An Interoperable Web3

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