MarcoPolo Protocol’s Core Products, MarcoPay, Has Reached 250K Users

SoftBank-invested blockchain institution MarcoPolo Protocol’s core product MarcoPay has reached 250K registered users. MarcoPolo Protocol is an open, fully decentralized, chain-to-chain interoperation protocol that enables the interoperability of multiple independently verifiable consensus blockchains without a relay chain. MarcoPolo Protocol expects to construct a future inter-chain-net, which is interoperable and chain-to-chain based. The ecosystem built on MarcoPolo Protocol can provide a solid infrastructure for finance, AI, IoT, traceability, and governance filed by cross-chain communication, privacy computation, shared storage, etc.

MarcoPay is a real senior application made and supported by MarcoPolo Protocol, it is a collection of Dpayment, Defi, and DEX. MarcoPay APP released for just 7 months and already has more than 250K users. The users come from many countries around the world, and it is available to use for off-line payment in Thailand.

MarcoPay APP Carries Two Missions:

1. Provides Dpayment, DeFi, and DEX services for global digital currency users;

2. MarcoPay is a sample supported by MarcoPolo Protocol. In the short future, it will provide system services to any organization or individual who is willing to engage in peer-to-peer electronic cash business in the method of SAAS and open-source. These systems and services will be free of charge, but applications must join the Marcocolo Protocol system and accept interconnection with other application assets on MarcoPolo Protocol.

Since November 2019, a total of more than 133k people have joined the MarcoPolo Protocol’s six Telegram groups, including English, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Russian groups. The Turkish community exceeded 2K users, the Korean community exceeded 3K users, and the Russian community has 4K people. On the basis of this active community, the MarcoPolo Protocol’s official Twitter account has reached 56k, it has become one of the hottest blockchain projects in 2020. MAP has listed on the Kucoin exchange, which has more than 5M users. MAP price has increased by 400% since the beginning. In addition, MAP is waiting for an appropriate timing to list on Korean exchanges.

As of now, MarcoPolo Protocol has released many Defi applications on Marcopay, such as POB, Airdrop, HalfpriceBTC, Milone, etc. In addition, some restaurants in Thailand can now use Marcopay to make payments. In the future, more related products will be implemented and supported in Southeast Asia, South America, South Korea, and Turkey. With the help of MarcoPolo Protocol’s chain-to-chain interoperation protocol, we can look forward to the diversified public chains including BTC, ETH, EOS, etc., all of which can be freely interconnected and linked to each other based on the MarcoPolo Protocol.

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