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Roadmap update of MAP Protocol

Phase 1:2019.Q3–2020.Q4
Release MAP Protocol Gravity Version. Implement MAP-ULVP module and MAP-POS Consensus.
Phase 2: 2021.Q3
Launch the Testnet, start the decentralized cross-chain tests with ETH
Public Testing, invite more users to join the node to participate in the beta test
Phase 3: 2021.Q4
Launch the mainnet; support decentralized cross-chain between multiple chains
Support cross-chain swap and invite defi projects to join
Phase 4: 2022.Q3
Access to more public chains, optimize protocols, and provide supports for cross-chain oracles, lending, and other DApps
Support cross-chain of non-smart contract main chains such as BTC, and provide exchanges and swaps support for non-smart contract main chains
Phase 5: 2023.Q2
Support decentralized cross-chain of any message
Provide a more complete SDK, so that more blockchains can easily access cross-chain

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· MAP Protocol Telegram Community: English, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

· MAP Protocol Medium (For the latest updates and articles)

· MAP Protocol GitHub (Complete MAP Protocol project codes)

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The Omnichain Network for Web3

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MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol

The Omnichain Network for An Interoperable Web3

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