The Introduction of MAP. V2 (I)

MAP Protocol is an open, fully decentralized, chain-to-chain interoperation protocol that enables the interoperability of multiple blockchains. There are two categories of chain interoperability: first kind is among different blockchain systems(like the interoperation bewteen Bitcoin and Ethereum), another is within a multi-layer blockchain systems(like interoperation among parachains in Polkadot). MAP protocol would support both kinds of interoperation in the future.

For the interoperation of different blockchain systems, we proposed MAP bridge to achieve the interoperability. MAP bridge is a cross-chain bridge between Polkadot and Ethereum. There are two core modules for MAP bridge: Ultra-Light Verification Protocol (ULVP) and MAP-Feeder. ULVP is a crosschain reading module based on flyclient technology. It is a relayer-free sub-linear verification protocol for POX-based blockchain, it can capture state and transaction from POX-based blockchain with limit cost. MAP-Feeder module is a crosschain writing module. MAP-Feeder module will provide a reference contract which can digest the data of other chain from ULVP module and provide it to target chain. Any contract with trigger condition can be triggered by calling the reference contract if the trigger condition from other chain happened. The figure below shows the description of the interoperation procedure.

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